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After 22 Years Of Marriage, Donald Trump Responds To Kellyanne Conway’s Divorce!

Former president Donald Trump has responded to the news that his former adviser Kellyanne Conway is divorcing her husband by praising her and celebrating the decision.

After a Page Six report claimed that Conway and her husband, attorney George Conway, were divorcing after 22 years of marriage, Trump took to Truth Social on Friday to address the situation.

While Conway herself was President Trump’s senior counselor from 2017 to 2020, her husband is a vocal critic of the former administration.

Donald Trump congratulated Kellyanne Conway on her divorce from her “wacko husband,” Mr. Kellyanne Conway. “At long last, she is liberated from that albatross of shame that had been hanging around her neck.”

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After George Conway Criticized Trump In 2019, The Former President Responded By Calling Him A “Husband From Hell”

In an early Saturday Truth Social post, Trump congratulated George Conway on his marriage and called him a “wacko husband.” Conway had previously worked as a White House adviser for Trump.

According to Page Six, the Conways have “lawyered up” and are working out the kinks in their divorce.

After George Conway criticized Trump in 2019, the former president responded by calling him a husband from hell

The report comes after Kellyanne Conway dropped several hints about the difficulties in her marriage to the lawyer.

In her book published the previous year, she claimed that George’s “daily deluge of insults violated our marriage vows to ‘love, honor, and cherish’ each other.”

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“I am concerned about our future, and I am concerned about the damage that has been done to this. For what purpose, may I ask? “I’m entering politics,” she told People in 2022.

The year before, during Conway’s appearance on “CBS Mornings,” Gayle King brought up a passage in her book in which she said, “the man you thought had your back ended up stabbing you in the back.”That’s really too bad,” she said.

I think many women can relate to that, but this is ridiculous. This, too, I will say. George Conway has not made any promises to Donald Trump in this regard. He has no obligation of loyalty or fidelity to any political party or any particular president. I will never forget that and hold it in the highest regard.

Final Words

SGT CONWAY, USMC (RETIRED) Marine Corps 34th Commandant General James T. Conway attended Southeast Missouri State University after being born in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas on December 26, 1947. In 1970, he received his commission as an infantry officer.

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