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After Breaking Up With Tiger Woods, His Ex-Girlfriend Has Requested That Their NDA Be Voided!

An ex-girlfriend of Tiger Woods has asked a Florida judge to let her out of a nondisclosure agreement they signed after he kicked her out of his home last fall. Woods’ attorneys have argued in court that his ex-girlfriend Erica Herman cannot sue him because of the NDA, which mandates that they resolve any disputes through confidential arbitration. The couple dated for six years.

After breaking up with Tiger Woods, his ex-girlfriend has requested that their NDA be voided!

Herman claimed in a complaint she filed on Monday that a federal law making it illegal to prevent alleged victims of sexual assault and sexual harassment from filing lawsuits renders the NDA unenforceable. First reported by TMZ, Herman’s complaint did not specify whether or not she had made such allegations against Woods. Her lawyer, Benjamin T. Hodas, did not return a call seeking comment on Wednesday.

Woods’s agent, Mark Steinberg, did not immediately return a message seeking comment. Woods’s lawyer, J.B. Murray, who is representing him in one of the lawsuits, declined to comment because he was “not at liberty to make any comment.”

The conflict between Tiger Woods and his ex continues to escalate. An NDA signed by Erica Herman and the professional golfer before they started dating in 2017 is being challenged in court by Herman after their breakup. She referred to a law that nullifies nondisclosure agreements in cases of sexual assault.

One of the defendants in Herman’s lawsuit, Jupiter Island Irrevocable Homestead Trust, has asked for the case to be heard by an arbitrator. Herman claims in her lawsuit that she and the trust came to an oral agreement so that she could continue to reside in Woods’ home for another five years after Woods’ death.

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After being linked to multiple women, Woods finally went public with a relationship after the scandal with Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn. They started dating in 2013 and were constantly spotted together at each other’s matches for the next three years.

But their hectic schedules forced them to put a halt to their developing romance. The times we’ve spent together will remain among my most treasured. “Unfortunately, we both lead extremely busy lives that force us to spend the majority of our time apart,” Vonn confirmed on social media.

After The Scandal, Tiger Woods's New Alliances

A short time later, however, Woods began dating The CLAD Life founder and stylist Kristin Smith. However, the joke quickly turned into a tragedy when, two years later, the man who had won 15 major championships was sued for violating a non-disclosure agreement.

Nevertheless, Woods’ relationship with her most recent girlfriend, Erica Herman, appeared to be flourishing. She was relatively unknown prior to Woods’ appearances with him, but she soon became a staple at his tournaments. In early 2021, she was by the golfer’s side as he was nearly killed in a car crash.

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The documents we have shown that Erica Herman and Tiger’s relationship ended last fall. For six years, the couple shared Tiger’s home in Hobe Sound, Florida; during that time, Erica claims she provided “valuable services” in exchange for free housing.

She says it was an “oral tenancy agreement” that was supposed to last for five more years after they divorced, but she doesn’t have anything in writing to prove it.

Regarding the breakup in question… Erica claims that Tiger’s people persuaded her to leave on a “short vacation” without him last fall and even drove her to the airport. They got to the airport and then told her she was “locked out” of the house and couldn’t return.

In the papers, Erica claims one of Tiger’s attorneys met her at the airport with an offer to settle the case. In addition, she states that they took over $40,000 in cash from her home on the suspicion that she had obtained it illegally.

Final Words

“Looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing about 2009 and how things unfolded. In 2016, Woods told Time that his “dream scenario” included a more candid and open relationship with his ex-wife. Having a more open and honest relationship with my ex-wife while we were married is really all that matters in the end. If we had been more communicative and honest about how we were feeling, we could have expressed our annoyance with one another. And it’s fantastic that we’re finally here.

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