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After Everything: Cast, Premiere Date, And Plot Details For “After 5”!

The fifth installment of the After film series, titled After Everything, has officially been greenlit, and the anticipation is through the roof.

After Ever Happy’s star Hero Fiennes Tiffin (who plays Hardin Scott) made the announcement a few days before the film’s release, saying, “We just wrapped up filming on the movie, and the trailer is here!”

Reactions from overjoyed fans have recently flooded the web.

Fans of the Afterverse trilogy (After, After We Collided, and After We Fell) will recognize this as a continuation of the story, and they are eager to learn more about the next book in the series.

Learn more about After Everything’s cast, premiere date, plot details, and more by continuing to scroll down!

After 5 Premiere Date

Even though we know there will be a fifth film, we don’t have a release date for After Everything just yet. The teaser did confirm that the film would be released in 2023, and Hero Fiennes Tiffin did confirm that filming had begun on the film in secret in August of 2022.

After 5 Premiere date

“The fifth installment in the “After” franchise has finished filming. Unfortunately, I have to keep some details under wraps for now, but I can tell you that it will be titled After Everything and that I am extremely excited for you to see it “As he explained in an Instagram video.

Following the September release dates for After We Collided, After We Fell, and After Ever Happy, it’s a safe bet to assume that After Everything will also hit theaters in the fall.

However, given that filming on the movie has concluded, Afternators may be reunited with Tessa and Hardin much sooner than that.

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After 5 Storyline

If you haven’t seen After Ever Happy yet, you should probably look away now because we’re going to talk about spoilers.

Unlike the book, which concludes with a glimpse into the future showing Tessa and Hardin raising two children together, the final film ends on a downbeat note with the couple no longer together.

After 5 Storyline

The final straw is when Tessa discovers After, the book Hardin has been writing about their relationship. She objects to the publication of her life story, but he assures her that it is already out in the world.

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Has Hardin found someone new to date? Fans theorize that Hardin is using a dummy Tessa as part of a marketing ploy. The fifth film will likely pick up where the fourth left off, with Tessa and Hardin reconciling and moving toward the book’s happy ending.

The book ends with several time jumps, leaving plenty of room for the fifth film to fill in the blanks and give us more drama before the inevitable happy ending with Tessa and Hardin.

We already knew that director Castille Landon was hard at work on two more After films before the announcement of a fifth film. One was supposed to revolve around the Hardin prequel Before, and the other was supposed to focus on the couple’s offspring.

After 5 Cast

There has been no official announcement of the cast for After Everything beyond the title, but we can make two educated guesses.

It wouldn’t be an After film without the return of Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin as Tessa Young and Hardin Scott, respectively.

Though Louise Lombard and Stephen Moyer’s return as Hardin’s parents Trish Daniels and Christian Vance were confirmed in the teaser, the identities of the other returning cast members are still unknown.

We can probably count on seeing familiar faces like Chance Perdomo’s Landon and Kiana Madeira’s Nora (who recently moved in with Landon). We have no reason to believe they won’t be, though.

After 5 Trailer

On December 23, a brief clip from After Everything was released, but it only showed Hardin and not Tessa.

Hardin struggles to get over Tessa and begins working on his next novel while conversing with his parents and attending family gatherings. The more he tries to put pen to paper, the more he realizes that everything he writes revolves around Tessa.

Hardin takes his parents’ advice and books a flight to Lisbon in an effort to come to terms with the end of his relationship. It’s a virtual certainty that he’ll bump into Tessa there.

Winding Up

You read that correctly; the romance does not conclude at the end of “After Ever Happy.” Despite the fact that a prequel film had already been announced, the fifth film, After Everything, will now serve as the series finale.

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