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Amber Rose Assaults Joseline Hernandez: “Mad And Mixy”!

Amber Rose shows what occurs when things go beyond words. Recently, an interaction between two terrible guys went wrong. College Hill: Celebrity Edition, season two of B.E.T+, features a clip of the candid turmoil.

So, what exactly may cause MUVA to behave in this manner? The brawl comes on the heels of a heated debate about race. In fact, the Puerto Rican Princess makes some quite obscene claims.

Without a doubt, Joseline’s direct delivery irritated the clever Entrepreneur. Despite an apology for referring to Amber Rose as “the Whites,” it did not go over well. Of course, a heated debate develops.

“Do you know what your problem is?” “Your issue is that you really want to be a white girl,” Hernandez chastises. Eventually, the South Philly Socialite responds, “I can’t let nobody bully me like that.” The complete battle has yet to be televised.

As a result, there are competing versions of the altercation. Both Joseline and the Strategic Celebrity went on to elaborate on their distinct perceptions of the interaction. “Someone tried to attack me,” JH says. And I put their muthafucking head through the muthafucking glass.”

Amber Rose And Joseline Hernandez Talk About Racial Identity

Wiz Khalifa discussed co-parenting his son Sebastian with Amber Rose on an edition of the Drink Champs podcast in April. “We’re like the ideal couple, even though we’re not together,” he explained.

“We share the most beautiful thing in life: we have a child.” We had wonderful memories because we were married. So everything we did was done out of pure love, you know what I mean? We intended to be together forever. But, you know, that sh*t gets complicated.

Amber Rose And Joseline Hernandez Talk About Racial Identity

And I think marriage, legal marriage, stinks because it has to be the end of something when it’s over. But I believe we’re demonstrating that it’s not the end of everything, even when the legal wrangling is through.

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“I got her back, she knows it, she got my back, I know it,” the rapper went on, “and we do a great job, you know, being there for our kid.” We do so many things for Sebastian–not just for him, but for him as a whole–that I didn’t witness growing up.

My parents were unable to function, as were her parents. I believe that generation of dysfunction did not come together. There were no holidays or birthday celebrations. It was completely dysfunctional. That’s what we saw growing up, and we do things together.”

Amber Rose And Joseline Hernandez Appear To Be In A Physical Altercation

Amber Rose and Joseline Hernandez appear to fight in a promo clip for College Hill: Celebrity Edition after a discussion about racial identity. Hernandez asserts that he “dog walked” Amber Rose.

Amber Rose and Joseline Hernandez appear to be in a physical altercation.

The argument became heated when Hernandez accused Amber Rose of “really wanting[ing] to be a white girl.” BET announced on-screen that the altercation will not be broadcast. “We have chosen not to show this fight out of respect for all parties involved.” “College Hill and ASU do not support any form of violence,” it says.

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“Joseline, stop identifying me,” Amber remarked just before the incident, “I identify myself and let you know who that is.” “If you’re going to check me, then check me!” “You know what your problem is?” Hernandez responded. Your issue is that you really want to be a white girl.” Amber Rose then stands up and walks toward Hernandez.


She is of Afro-Puerto Rican heritage as well. She and Stevie claimed to have married in 2013. However, Stevie J revealed in 2016 that the marriage was staged for publicity purposes, and Joseline confirmed they were in a long-term relationship and never officially married in court records disclosed later that year.

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