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An Employee Of Walgreens Shoots Pregnant Woman, Claims Self-Defense After Coworkers Accuse Her Of Shoplifting!

Police in Nashville, Tennessee, say a Walgreens employee shot a seven-month-pregnant woman because he thought she had stolen makeup from the store’s pharmacy. She had an unexpected C-section, and now she and her newborn are still in the hospital.

Nashville police said in a statement that on Wednesday night, Travonsha Ferguson, 24, was shot dead by a Walgreens team leader in the store’s parking lot after he followed her out of the store after being tipped off to the alleged shoplifting.

The 21-year-old suspect, identified by police as Mitarius Boyd, claims he fired his semi-automatic weapon in self-defense because “he was in fear” and didn’t know if Ferguson and the other woman she was with were armed.

Two women were allegedly caught on camera by another employee telling Boyd that they had stolen cosmetics. Police say he started filming the women as they loaded up a shopping cart and a large shoulder bag, and then he followed them to their car in the parking lot and recorded them as they loaded their purchases into the trunk.

According to the police, as Boyd got closer to the trunk of the car and prepared to shoot, one of the women whipped out a can of mace and sprayed him. The other woman allegedly drove Ferguson, who had been shot multiple times, to the hospital before disappearing.

According to the police, the victim underwent an emergency C-section and her unharmed baby survived the shooting. According to the latest information released by police on Thursday, both Ferguson and the baby remained in critical condition at the hospital. Whether or not Boyd will face charges is up to the District Attorney of Nashville.

On Sunday, Walgreens Announced That Boyd Was “No Longer Employed At Walgreens”

Walgreens has stated that the safety of their patients, customers, and employees is their number one priority and that they will not tolerate any form of violence. We are taking this matter very seriously and are working closely with the appropriate authorities at this time.

On Sunday, Walgreens Announced That Boyd Was No Longer Employed At Walgreens

According to court documents, Boyd was arrested for disorderly conduct in October 2022 after he refused to leave a Best Buy store following a disagreement over a Play Station 5. According to court documents, Boyd was told by employees that the Play Station 5 was out of stock, but he persisted in buying it anyway. According to official documents, the accusation was dropped.

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According to the court system’s documentation, Ferguson has a criminal history that includes assault, vandalism, and trespassing. The Nashville police department said Boyd was helping them with their probe.

The Ladies Fled In Their Car, And Boyd Dialed 911 From Inside Walgreens

The other woman, who has not yet been identified by police, drove Travonsha Ferguson, 34, to General Hospital after the shooting and then left. For medical attention, Ferguson was taken by ambulance to Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Since Ferguson was pregnant at the time of the shooting, she required a C-section. The baby was safe from the gunfire. Metro police say that Ferguson and her baby are both in critical but stable condition.

The ladies fled in their car, and Boyd dialed 911 from inside Walgreens

Boyd helped the police out by being cooperative during their investigation. His phone and the gun used in the shooting have been taken by investigators. The District Attorney’s office will review the findings of the investigation conducted by the detectives to decide if criminal charges will be filed against Boyd.

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On Thursday, Walgreens released the following statement in response to the shooting: “The safety of our patients, customers, and team members is our top priority, and violence of any kind will not be tolerated at our stores.” We are taking this seriously and are working with the appropriate authorities.

Man Said He Fired A Semiautomatic Pistol Because He Was “In Fear And Didn’t Know If They Were Armed,”

The employee returned to the store and dialed 911 as the woman drove away. The pregnant woman was dropped off at the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds, where she underwent an emergency cesarean section. Police said the infant was unharmed by gunfire and that both she and the newborn were in critical but stable condition.

The worker turned over his weapon and phone to the police. The local prosecutor’s office will review the investigation’s findings and decide whether or not to file charges.

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