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Andrew Tate Was Released From Jail After Serving A Three-Month Sentence!

Tate, a four-time kickboxing world champion, and his brother Tristan were arrested at the end of December in Romania. After appealing their detention in Romania successfully, Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan were released from jail.

Despite numerous appeals, the kickboxing brothers have remained in prison in Bucharest since their arrest at the end of December. The controversial influencers lost an appeal this week to have their 30-day jail sentence reduced, but today they won an appeal to have their sentence reduced again.

They, along with two women from Romania who were also arrested as part of the investigation, will now be subject to house arrest. Mirror Fighting was informed by a representative for Andrew and Tristan Tate that they were “ecstatic” to learn that their appeal against last week’s extension decision had been upheld by the Romanian judicial system.

While the investigation is ongoing, they will be subject to house arrest. For allowing the brothers to come home, the judge and courts have our gratitude. They are grateful to everyone who has helped them get to this point, and they can’t wait to see their loved ones again in Romania. It’s a huge victory and they’ll keep fighting to clear their name from these false allegations.

Mateea Petrescu, Tate’s director of communications, told Sky News from outside the prison, “I believe the judges in the appeal court today were thorough and took the time to understand that they are not a flight risk and they are not a danger to public safety, therefore they have decided to release them under house arrest.”

Andrew Tate (R) And Tristan Tate (L) Have Both Recently Been Released From Jail

It’s a first step, and they’re still being investigated, but at least they won’t be locked up at home. Petrescu disclosed that the Tate family was currently inside with their attorney conducting “due diligence,” and he further stated that additional information regarding the terms and conditions of the Tate family’s release would be made public in due course.

Petrescu responded when asked about his brothers, “Their level of excitement seems high to me. They’re in good spirits, overjoyed, and I doubt they can think of anything more appealing than returning to their familiar surroundings, savoring a home-cooked meal, and returning to their everyday lives. Their health is excellent. Through it all, they have maintained an upbeat attitude.”

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It’s Been Over A Month, And None Of The Four Have Been Charged

Human trafficking suspects were arrested in December, and Diicot said it had located six victims who had been sexually exploited and subjected to “acts of physical violence and mental coercion” by the suspects.

The agency claims that victims were enticed with false promises of love before being intimidated, monitored, and otherwise controlled into performing pornographic acts for the benefit of the criminal organization.

It's been over a month, and none of the four have been charged

Tate, a British-American citizen who is 36 years old and has 5.4 million Twitter followers, had an appeal against his continued detention denied last month. He has said over and over that the Romanian prosecutors don’t have any proof and that the whole thing is a political conspiracy to silence him.

The former professional kickboxer, who has been a resident of Romania since 2017, has been banned from several online communities due to his hateful and sexist views and comments.

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Tate Has A Reputation For Making Sexist

Famous for his online rants about male superiority, female subjugation, and wealth, Tate is a former professional kickboxer. His Twitter account was reinstated by Elon Musk after he took over the company, even though he openly advocates violence against women and was previously banned from every major social media platform.

Tate has a reputation for making sexist

This year he rose to prominence, and many adults, including teachers, voiced concern that his misogynistic ideas would take root in the minds of many young boys. His account had about 11.6 billion views before it was deleted.

His Twitter exchange with Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, in which she told him to “get a life” after he tweeted about his many cars “and their respective enormous emissions,” made headlines in the week leading up to his arrest.

Some people on the internet believe that authorities in Romania were made aware of Tate’s presence in the country thanks to a pizza box that appeared in one of the photos he posted as part of his feud with Thunberg. However, a DIICOT spokesperson told Reuters that the pizza boxes played no role in the arrests.

Final Words

On December 29th, 2022, he and his brother Tristan were arrested in Romania on charges of human trafficking, rape, and forming an organized crime group. A Romanian court ruled the next day that Andrew Tate must spend the next 30 days in jail.

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