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Anthony Acosta, The Victim Of The North Side Shooting, Was Found With A Firearm And Four Stolen vehicles!

On Sunday, Anthony Acosta went through a trying time. He was shot while driving through Albany Park, for instance. Chicago police were able to link him to four vehicle thefts over the course of two months and one gun theft. His bail was set at $75,000, so he’s still in jail.

Chicago police have been keeping tabs on Acosta ever since they spotted him on February 25 driving a stolen 2013 Mercedes, according to statements made by prosecutor Sarah Dale-Schmidt on Tuesday. She stated that the police gave chase of the 24-year-old for a while before giving up.

Attorney Representing Anthony Costa

Acosta was seen by Chicago police early last month in a Lincoln Aviator, one of several such vehicles recently stolen from a Ford dealership, as stated in a report by Dale-Schmidt. Once again, he was able to avoid capture by law enforcement.

Attorney Representing Anthony Costa

On March 16, he was also allegedly driving a stolen BMW X3. Dale Schmidt claims the police followed him and then lost track of his car.

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At 6:15 a.m., police responded to reports of gunfire in the 2800 block of West Wilson, where they found a stolen BMW 750I surrounded by spent shell casings. Video shows Acosta, who was shot in the back, and two others fleeing the car while brandishing firearms, as claimed by Dale-Schmidt.

The entire gang was apprehended by the police in a matter of minutes. According to Dale-Schmidt, police found a loaded weapon in the alley where Acosta was last seen. A second firearm and an extended magazine were discovered by police in a nearby barbecue grill. According to Dale-Schmidt, two more magazines and a box of ammunition were discovered in the BMW’s trunk.

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Acosta’s Accusations

Prosecutors charged Acosta with four counts of possession of a stolen vehicle, one case of aggravated unauthorized use of a weapon, and one case of misdemeanor trespassing.

Based on the bail decision made by Judge Susana Ortiz, he must post a $7,500 deposit in order to be released on electronic monitoring and allowed to return home.

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