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Are Justine And Jason Related? An Ex-‘Family Ties’ Star’s Remarks On Aging Raise Concerns!

Actress Justine Bateman has said that she is proud of her wrinkles and has chosen to defy Hollywood’s beauty standards. Known primarily for her role in Family Ties, she is the sister of Hollywood actor Jason Bateman. She first gained fame as a teen when she co-starred with Michael J. Fox in a 1980s sitcom.

Justine, now 57 years old, said she didn’t know there was such a fixation with how she’s aged until she Googled her own name.

She claimed she was just doing “a little research” on herself when she discovered the words “looks old” were automatically filled in after she typed her name using autocomplete.

I googled my name Justine Bateman, and an autocomplete popped up which said, ‘looks old,’ and I was like, ‘Huh!,’ she remarked on 60 Minutes Australia. to which I responded, “Wha?” Then I looked at the photographs they presented as proof, and I still don’t get it.”

Later, when she was questioned if she agreed that some people would view becoming older as “stunning, she answered with assurance, “I just don’t give a s***. To me, my face is a perfect reflection of who I am, and I think it looks cool. It appeals to me.”

She said she has sympathy for people who use Botox and fillers to delay the onset of wrinkles, but that she prefers to look her age.

Are Justine And Jason Bateman Related In Any Way?

Jason and Justine Bateman, contrary to common belief, are not identical twins but rather older siblings. On February 19, 1966, Justine Bateman entered this world in Rye, New York. Her sibling Jason, however, entered the world on that same day in 1969. Their dad worked in the film industry, while their mom was a flight attendant.

The 1980s were pivotal for both of their careers, but Jason was only able to secure bit parts on television in Chicago Sons and Simon. From 1982 through 1989, Justine was a regular on Family Ties, but she had trouble finding work in the years that followed.

Are Justine And Jason Bateman Related In Any Way

Each member of the pair was dealing with their own issues at the same time. Jason had a problem with drugs, and his sister battled the damaging effects of the media on her sense of identity.

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To help her recover from anorexia and bulimia, Justine enrolled in a 12-step program and became a Christian.

Although Justine has made cameo appearances on episodes including Desperate Housewives, Modern Family, Customer Service, The Allnighter, Californication, etc., she has since focused on her writing career. In the 2000s, Jason starred in Arrested Development and became one of the most popular performers in the business.

Apparently, Jason And Justine Bateman Do Not Speak To Their Parents

Jason and Justine Bateman, according to rumors, are estranged from their parents. Vicki Bateman said in 2022 to Radar Online that she hadn’t communicated with her children in a long time.

As Vicki put it, “if it were up to my children, I’d be dead,” she remarked, referring to her recent health problems. My kids abandoned me as I hung on by a thread, hooked up to life support. My daughter even instructed the medical staff to “turn off the machine.”

Apparently, Jason And Justine Bateman Do Not Speak To Their Parents

Jason has discussed at length on his podcast the unhealthy pressure his parents and former manager, Kent Bateman, put on him as a child actor, and his troubled relationship with Vicki and his father.

Nevertheless, Justine has been in the spotlight for some time now due to her encouraging statements on natural aging without the need of plastic surgery.

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In Hollywood, Justine Has Become A Role Model For Those Who Want To Age Gracefully

Recently, Justine gave an interesting perspective on becoming older in an interview with 60 Minutes Australia. She made it clear that she doesn’t give a hoot about what others think of her looks or her determination to age gracefully without the use of Botox or fillers.

“Well, so here’s what I think: I look awesome. To me, my face is a reflection of my character. To put it simply, I approve “Furthermore, she argued.

In addition, Justine discussed her famous friends who had opted for plastic surgery. She opined, “It saddens me that they are diverted from the things they are destined to do in life by the all-consuming thought that they have to fix their face before anything else can happen.”

Don’t worry about how you look. Indeed, that is my point “the famous person added. “Put aside your worries that your aging face would prevent you from pursuing many other chances. The interview with Justine rapidly went viral, and both fans and celebrities were impressed by her candid answers.

To Conclude

Bateman was born to Kent Bateman and Victoria Elizabeth, a former Pan Am flight attendant from the United Kingdom. She is the older sibling of Jason Bateman, who is also an actress.

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