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Belmont Police And The FBI Are Looking Into A Missing Woman Case From Redwood City!

On Wednesday, May 10, FBI agents and Redwood City police officers searched the backyard of a house in the latter city for clues about the disappearance of a Palo Alto woman in 1996.

Stulsaft Park and the house on the 3700 block of Farm Hill Boulevard were both sealed off by the Belmont Police Department and other local organizations. It’s unknown how the park and house are related to one another.

As reported in the Palo Alto Weekly, Ylva Hagner disappeared on Monday, October 14, 1996, and her disappearance was reported to the Palo Alto police two days later by acquaintances. At the time of her disappearance, Hagner was 42 years old.

It has been reported that Hagner, who was last seen in Palo Alto, attended Stanford University. According to the missing person report filed by her family, Hagner had been the target of stalking by a male acquaintance before her abduction. She managed business and marketing for iXOS, a German-American software startup.

On Wednesday morning, at 10 a.m., police and crime scene investigators were spotted entering the backyard of a house in Farm Hill with a number of shovels and other gear. The FBI’s evidence response team is assisting this news company with forensics, the FBI confirmed.

FBI Investigating 1996 Cold Case In California

KRON4 has confirmed the closure of Stulsaft Park in Redwood City as a result of police action relating to the investigation into the disappearance of Ylva Hagner in 1996. On Thursday, the FBI and local law enforcement officers returned to the park and the backyard of the adjoining residence at 3789 Farm Hill Boulevard for a second day of searching.

FBI investigating 1996 cold case in California

The authorities have not commented on what evidence may have been discovered that prompted the searches. Belmont Police Department is in charge of the investigation, but the FBI is also helping out.

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The FBI is assisting the Belmont Police Department today, according to a spokeswoman for the FBI who spoke with KRON4. With our evidence response team, we are able to offer forensic assistance.

Missing poster artist Ylva Hagner was last seen on October 14, 1996. She was 42 years old when she vanished, and authorities have only a few physical details to go on: that she was 5-foot-6 and 110 pounds, with red hair and blue eyes. Investigators believe she was living in Palo Alto and worked for a technology firm when she vanished.

According to public documents, Thomas Pressburger purchased the residence now being searched in its rear in 1996, making the Pressburger TT Living Trust the current owner. SFGate claims that Hagner disappeared while in a relationship with Thomas Pressburger.

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