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Blackpink’s Jennie And BTS V’s Alleged Date Video Gets Mixed Reactions From Korean Netizens!

Footage of a couple strolling hand-in-hand down Paris’s gorgeous Seine can be seen. Recent films have sparked heated debates online, with some fans embracing the romance between the two worldwide idols and others questioning that it is in fact V and Jennie in the clips.

The videos’ original poster, photographer Amar Taoualit, agreed to a video chat with curious admirers who wanted to learn more about the pair’s rumored relationship. The photographer validated that Jennie and V were the subjects of his footage. However, many people on the internet and in the fan community speculated that the photographer was not being truthful.

Ali Letaissa, a photographer friend of Amar Taoualit, has thrown fuel to the fire by posting a clear shot of BTS’s V in the same outfit as shown in the supposed footage with BLACKPINK’s Jennie in Paris, which has been the subject of the most recent rumor. Behind V is an executive from V’s company. The photo has received a lot of attention on social media and has prompted a lot of comments from followers.

Similar-Looking People From Jeju Island

On the 22nd of May, 2022, a snapshot of two tourists on Jeju Island was posted online. Koreaboo translates the image’s caption, which reads, “This is a photo that was sent in today. It is said to be a picture of two famous singers, yet it’s possible they’re just looking alike. There have been rumors that the female idol has split up with an original member of the idol group. Fans are more likely to accept the authenticity of this snapshot.

Similar-Looking People From Jeju Island

G-Dragon of BigBang, a fellow K-pop idol and a label mate of Jennie’s, is the “OG idol member” of the second generation. Over a year into their rumored romance, fans noticed that G-Dragon had stopped following Jennie on Instagram. That led online commenters to assume the couple had broken up, which in turn sparked rumors that Jennie and V were secretly an item.

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Koreaboo reports that BTS and Blackpink fans have shot down the rumors, with many noting that Jennie’s hair was orange when the photograph first leaked, making her seem nothing like the woman depicted. Some people argued that the pictures were just Photoshopped and not real.

It’s The Quiet Before The Storm

After months of radio silence, fans got quite a surprise on August 23 and 24 when new photos of Jennie and V were posted simultaneously. A lot of BTS fans realized that the mirror in the background of the images was actually the door to V’s apartment. In another, V is getting ready in the background as Jennie leans against the wall and snaps his picture.

More photos of the pair in Jeju were published on September 16, adding fuel to the already fiery relationship rumors. Each photo makes the case for a romantic relationship between them stronger. In these more recent photos, Jennie leans into V as he gently kisses her on the forehead.

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A Resurgence Served With A Dash Of Scandal

Both Jennie and V hail from major agencies in the K-pop industry, though fans are still debating whether or not the leaked photos are real. YG and Hybe, Jennie and V’s agencies, are two of the “Big 4” that control the K-pop industry.

A Resurgence Served With A Dash Of Scandal

It is odd that neither YG nor Hybe has issued a firm statement to debunk the rumors, given the high-profile stature of both idols and the extent to which the relationship controversy has blown out. In reality, until recently, the agencies were silent. According to Newsen, a South Korean news outlet, both firms have stated that “it is difficult” to confirm or refute the rumors because they concern the idols’ private lives.

In addition, Kpopping reports that some internet users are wondering why the photographs were leaked on the same day as Blackpink’s reappearance by the now-deleted Twitter user @gurumiharibo. The timing has led some to speculate that it was planned to increase the profile of the two K-pop stars. Others have pointed out that neither Jennie nor V really needs any notoriety at this point in time.


Asiaone reports that Jennie deleted every follower from her secret Instagram account out of anxiety that a friend or family member had leaked intimate photos.

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