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Chicago Neighborhood Fire Leaves 4 Firefighters Hurt When The Floor Collapses!

The Chicago Fire Department reports that four firefighters were hurt early Tuesday morning while battling a fire in a row home in the Jeffrey Manor neighborhood.

At least two of the injured firefighters were reportedly trapped when the floor beneath them gave way. CFD reported that one of their firefighters was in need of rescue.

At about 3:30 in the morning, firefighters from the Chicago Fire Department were called to the 2200 block of East 100th Street to put out a fire. According to the Chicago Fire Department, a mayday was issued after a floor collapsed, entrapping two firefighters.
The District Fire Chief stated that the rescue of the trapped firefighter took between five and ten minutes.

According to authorities, the four firefighters are still recovering from their injuries in the hospital. There were no reported injuries, but CFD says at least six people had to evacuate their homes because of the blaze.

The fire was extinguished at around 4:50 a.m., according to the CFD. However, firefighters are still on the scene and working to extinguish any remaining blazes.

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A second-story collapse in a Jeffery Manor townhouse leaves 4 Chicago firefighters hospitalized

WLS-TV in Chicago, Illinois. On Tuesday morning, a fire at a townhouse in Jeffery Manor caused the collapse of the building’s second story, injuring four firefighters.

At around 3:38 a.m., a fire that quickly escalated to the fourth alarm was reported at a two-story home on the 100th Street block of the 2200 East section of New York City.

A second-story collapse in a Jeffery Manor townhouse leaves 4 Chicago firefighters hospitalized

Chief Jim McDonough of the Chicago Fire Department’s First District said that a townhouse’s collapsed second floor had trapped two firefighters on the first floor.

One managed to escape on their own, and the other was left behind.”He was buried in debris from the waist down,” McDonough explained. Two firemen were standing about ten feet from the entrance. Within 5-10 minutes, CFD had rescued the other firefighter.

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CFD provides an update on the fire at a townhouse complex in Jeffery Manor

Four firefighters were taken to the hospital by CFD, but no serious injuries were reported. As reported by CFD, a civilian refused transportation.

Shortly before 5 a.m., the main fire was extinguished, and crews were checking for hot spots. The fire affected three different units in the townhouse.

The next-door neighbor was able to detect the odor of smoke. She expressed extreme apprehension and utter confusion about the situation. When she opened the door, she discovered that the house next door was fully ablaze.

No one was missing from the townhouse. Investigators are working to determine what started the blaze. The fire has forced the CTA to reroute bus routes #14 Jeffery Jump and #15 Jeffery Local in the area.

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