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Chicago’s 2023 Mayoral Election Results Are In, And This Is How Your Neighborhood Voted!

Brandon Johnson, the newly elected mayor, received a huge boost in popularity between the election on February 28 and his victory on Tuesday night. TO THE CITY OF CHICAGO — Brandon Johnson was elected mayor of Chicago by city residents on Tuesday.

Unofficial results were released Wednesday morning showing that Johnson had won the election with 288,647 votes (51.42 percent) to Paul Vallas’ 270,775 (48.58 percent).

After defeating major opponents like incumbent Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Representative Jess “Chuy” Garcia on February 28, Vallas received the most votes. Johnson came in second. Even though Vallas consistently led polls, the race was close leading up to Tuesday’s runoff.

But in the time between the elections, Johnson’s popularity skyrocketed. He won back precincts that Vallas had won on February 28th’s election and expanded his control over a large swath of the South Side, West Side, and large sections of the North Side.

The support he had received in the far northwest, along the near north lakefront, and in the center of the city remained with Vallas, and he also saw significant support in the southwest.

What Each Chicago Community Decided In The 2023 Mayoral Election

Johnson grew up on the West Side and now serves as a commissioner for Cook County. He ran with the promise of pushing progressive policies and received strong support from the Chicago Teachers Union because of his background as an educator.

During his victory speech on Tuesday, Johnson said, “To the Chicagoans who did not vote for me: I want you to know, here’s what I want you to know — that I care about you.” I’d like to collaborate with you. I’ll act as your mayor, too. Because the goal of this campaign has always been to make Chicago a better, stronger, and safer place for everyone to live.

What Each Chicago Community Decided In The 2023 Mayoral Election

To more roars of laughter, Johnson continued, “And when I say all the people, I mean all the people — especially folks who have ever been on a payment plan.”

Former Chicago Public Schools CEO Vallas ran for mayor touting his “tough on crime” stance. On Tuesday night, he conceded to Johnson and said he would back Johnson as mayor.

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Vallas remarked, “The only way forward for our great city is together.” It’s time for everyone in Chicago to put aside their differences and get behind the difficult tasks that lie ahead for our next mayor by walking and working together. I believe that happier, more promising times are just around the corner.

Chicago’s Method Of Electing A New Mayor

Chicago’s mayoral election was extremely close until the end, revealing deep divisions among voters about who should lead the city for the next four years.

The Associated Press has predicted that Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson will defeat Paul Vallas, the former CEO of the Chicago Public Schools, in the runoff election.

Chicago's Method Of Electing A New Mayor

With nearly 99% of precincts reporting, Johnson extended his lead over Vallas, who had finished second in the general election held on February 28. Johnson has received 286,647 votes as of 11 a.m. on Tuesday, while Vallas has received 270,775 votes.

Large portions of the city’s West and South Sides, as well as the far northern lakefront communities, voted for Johnson. As before, Vallas was the dominant political force in the city’s far northwest, downtown, and some western and southern neighborhoods.

Here’s a map showing how each Chicago ward voted in this election. (Remember that absentee and mail-in ballots are still being tabulated, so these numbers may shift. The figures displayed are up to date as of Wednesday at 10 a.m.

Brandon Johnson Wins Chicago’s Mayoral Runoff, Forcing Paul Vallas To Concede

The Associated Press reported late Tuesday night that he had defeated former Chicago Public Schools CEO Paul Vallas by a margin of about 51% to 49%, making it one of the narrowest victories in recent Chicago political history.

The Chicago Board of Elections reported on Tuesday that mail-in votes for the runoff election will not be counted for days, but Vallas still conceded to Johnson on Tuesday.

Brandon Johnson Wins Chicago's Mayoral Runoff, Forcing Paul Vallas To Concede

“What I want the people of Chicago who didn’t vote for me to know is that your opinion matters to me and that I’m interested in hearing from you. I’m interested in working with you and offering my services as mayor if necessary “As Johnson put it. For this city, tonight is the beginning of a bright new era.

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In the crowded February election, where Vallas, 69, and Johnson, 46, led the pack but neither received more than 50% of the vote, Vallas was the clear frontrunner. Lori Lightfoot, the incumbent mayor of Chicago, became the city’s first mayor in 40 years to lose reelection.

In his concession speech late Tuesday, Vallas said, “The only way forward for our city is together.” “All Chicagoans must benefit from the measures we take. Chicagoans of all stripes must put aside their differences and rally behind the next mayor as he or she takes on the city’s enormous challenges.”

The Chicago Board of Elections reports that only 33% of eligible Chicago voters cast ballots on Tuesday.


Six weeks before Tuesday’s election, Vallas and Johnson engaged in a series of televised debates on topics like crime and education. The conversations were highlighted, however, by the stark contrast between the liberal Johnson wing of the Democratic Party and the centrist Vallas wing.

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