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Chrisean Rock Opens Up About Pregnancy As Blueface Demands DNA Test!

Chrisean Rock and the rapper Blueface have announced they are expecting a child, but Rock’s on-again, off-again boyfriend claims the child is not his.

The 22-year-old TikTok star announced the news on Friday in an Instagram Story in which she can be seen wearing a pink velour jogging suit with a crop top and walking excitedly through a doctor’s office.

After taking a seat, the influencer inquires to the nurse about the possibility of hearing the infant’s heartbeat. The nurse doesn’t pick up but promises to return in a few minutes.

A distraught Christian addresses the camera and says, “My emotions are crazy; they just took my blood pressure right now; and the reason I’m so overwhelmed is that I’m deciding to keep it, obviously.”

Is Chrisean Rock Really Pregnant?

Yes. In 2023, Chrisean shared the news that she was expecting with the world. After the end of January, she broke the news.Chrisean tweeted “Happy Birthday baby daddy” to Blueface on his birthday, January 21.

The star of Baddies West said she was “nauseous” and “keeping it this time” if she was “having a baby” in a December 2022 interview with B Simone.

Chrisean has a pregnant woman emoji next to her Instagram name in her bio: DaBigBaby.After a video of the Crazy in Love star deadlifting went viral, the actress’s fans were divided: some were “shocked,” while others wondered if she was actually pregnant.

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An Actress Hopes For Twins In Chrisean Rock’s Pregnancy

Recently, Chrisean Rock made headlines when she revealed that she was expecting Blueface’s child. Shortly after she told everyone, Blueface took to social media to deny being a father and demand paternity testing.

An Actress Hopes For Twins In Chrisean Rock's Pregnancy

A breakup between the two has been “officially done,” as the “Thotiana” rapper put it. For all the wrong reasons, their romance has been widely publicized. There has been a lot of back and forth between Blueface and Chrisean Rock.

But Chrisean Rock is unwavering in her conviction that Blueface is the one for her. Chrisean Rock gave an interview to Complex just before she walked the red carpet for the Zeus Network premiere of Baddies West.

The premiere and screening for invited guests only took place at the Regal North Hollywood 4DX theater in Los Angeles on January 22. When asked about being a mother, Chrisean Rock appeared excited and content.

If asked, Rock said she hoped to have a boy and a girl. She wished for both since twins were a possibility. One of twelve kids, I’m the eleventh. It’s wonderful to see how wonderful the children are. A big family is what I’d like to see more of. Rock tweeted that Blueface was “just being a clown” after Blueface announced her pregnancy to her followers on Twitter.

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On Friday, Chrisean Posted A Video To Instagram In Which She Wore A Pink Tiara To Announce The Big News

Blueface denied the paternity of the child just days after Chrisean announced she was pregnant, leading to a heated online debate between the two.

Chrisean shared the big news on her Instagram last Friday in a video wearing a pink velour tracksuit as she cried while explaining, ‘My emotions are crazy, they just took my blood pressure right now, and the reason I’m so overwhelmed is that I’m deciding to keep it, obviously.’

On Friday, Chrisean Posted A Video To Instagram In Which She Wore A Pink Tiara To Announce The Big News

‘I’m going to have a family, and we’re going to have the big baby shower… (sobs) so pray for me,’ said the expecting mother as she shared an image of her positive pregnancy test.

The internet celebrity said, “I want either twins or triplets” before adding, “cause that’s how many I killed” in reference to her previous abortions. The news did not make Blueface happy, and his response was one of denial and accusation.

To clarify, the Holy Moly rapper said on Twitter, “To answer y’all questions yes me a rock are officially done it’s strictly business I tried it and clearly it wasn’t giving before she announces…”

She’s carrying someone else’s child, not mine (insert emoji of crossed fingers here).The disrespectful musician stated that Chrisean had slept with ten different men and that he will not accept paternity until he sees the DNA results.

Final Words

Blueface and Rock have been friends since 2020, when the rapper premiered his OnlyFans reality show, Blue Girls Club. A number of women were invited to Blueface’s mansion to vie for his affections for an entire month. As soon as viewers saw how much Rock adored the rapper, she shot to stardom.

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