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Is Danielle Busby Pregnant Again? The Star Of “Outdaughtered” Is Already A Mother Of Six Children!

After teasing a big “secret” with husband Adam Busby on Wednesday, December 1, Outdaughtered star Danielle Busby put an end to pregnancy rumors. After giving her husband, 39, a time to speculate, the TLC personality revealed the most popular theory: she is expecting another child.

Adam made this comment in response to a question about whether or not Danielle could have children after she had a hysterectomy two years prior. She said, laughing, “That would straight up be a real miracle since there ain’t no baby carrying organs in this body.”

Blayke, and quintuplets Hazel, Riley, Parker, Olivia, and Ava make Danielle and Adam very happy parents. They have the only known set of quintuplets in the United States, and they’re all girls.

The former office manager has spoken publicly about her upcoming November 2019 hysterectomy due to a diagnosis of the polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

Physical life after having quintuplets has been “very difficult, challenging, terrible,” Dani said at the time. “I know this isn’t something we haven’t ever really shared or talked about.” Because of PCOS, “cysts are growing on my ovaries and they keep rupturing,” which is “absolutely awful,” and “we’ve learned.”

The multiple birth mother from Louisiana said she experienced “quite a bit of complication” with her body. Danielle added that the year preceding her operation was the “worst” of her life and that she “could not get out of bed” on certain days.

She went on to say, “I’m extremely proud of my body for being able to carry the girls for 28 weeks and produce five healthy infants who are now 4 [years] old.” “But the last three years have been filled with a great deal of bodily agony within the womanly aspect of things like my uterus and whatnot,” she said.

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Danielle Busby Expecting Her Seventh Child, OutDaughter

Mrs. Busby has proven herself to be a devoted mother in front of the TLC cameras. Half of her life has been spent wishing for children. Because Danielle experienced infertility, that’s why.

As a result, she has prayed for days and cried for hours. The mother also feels compassion for the childless woman. It’s also her backstory. Then Danielle lectures on how her trust in God has sustained her. Like him, she dreams of having a son.

Danielle Busby Expecting Her Seventh Child, OutDaughter

But, when she was unable to, the celebrity gave the name to the boutique she opened. The OutDaughtered star also took to Instagram to share a photo of herself holding a pregnancy test. You can read, “Pregnant, 2-3,” if you look closely at the image.

That puts her pregnancy at between two and three weeks along. A miracle, in the eyes of the fans! And some people really want a boy. According to TV Season & Spoilers, however, Danielle is not expecting. She’s had her tubes tied, therefore that’s why. Nonetheless, being fooled by appearance is rather common.

Danielle and Blayke pose for the camera. Nonetheless, Blayke appears to be a member of the quints that sparked the initial consternation. Even Adam Busby can’t tell Parker from Riley sometimes.

Yeah, that’s a typical blunder. In addition, a supporter inquired as to Danielle’s fertility struggles. Consequently, she related the photo and the snap to her challenges and an unforgettable experience.

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Adam Failed To Follow Through With His Vasectomy, Causing A Fright For Danielle

Fans of Outdaughtered almost unanimously predicted that Adam and Danielle would be expecting child number seven in 2018. Adam underwent a vasectomy after he and his wife decided they didn’t want any more kids after the birth of their quintuplets. Except he didn’t return for a follow-up visit to make sure everything went well after the surgery.

The viewers of the episode found out that Danielle’s period was late at the same time as Adam revealed the shocking news that he hadn’t followed through on his vasectomy. The fact that Danielle got her period and wasn’t pregnant was a relief, as they didn’t plan on expanding their family. (Whew!)

The Busbys Are Open To The Idea Of Adopting

Danielle revealed to Us Weekly that she and Adam are open to adopting in the future despite the fact that they are unable to have any more biological children.

The Busbys are open to the idea of adopting

“The shop is closed,” she reported to the press. A son to continue the Busby name in the area would be wonderful, but until God changes our minds about adoption, we won’t be having any more children.

Adam said something similar in May 2020. ‘We’ll never close the door totally,’ he told Us Weekly. We’re willing to keep an open mind on that front forever.

Fans May Have Been Perplexed By A Vintage Photo Showing A Pregnant Danielle

On March 16, Danielle posted a flashback photo of herself on Instagram, showing her 25 weeks pregnant with the quintuplets. But, some of her followers may not have seen the caption because it was written in all caps.

The mother of six reminisced on her life as a parent of six and expressed her awe at the impending fifth birthday of her quintuplets. So, this is not a recent snapshot of the TLC star, and Danielle is not expecting a child.

It’s quite unlikely that the Busbys will have any more biological children now that Adam has had a vasectomy and Danielle has had a hysterectomy. By law, Danielle could never get pregnant, even if they chose the IVA route with a gestational carrier. In any case, who can say for sure? As Danielle said, they may consider adoption in the future.

To Conclude

In 2006, Busby tied the knot with Adam Busby. After years of trying to start a family, Busby finally got pregnant with their first daughter Blayke in 2011 thanks to intrauterine insemination.

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