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Disney Executive Turned Self-Help Author Dave Hollis Passed Away At The Age Of 47!

Following Dave Hollis’s passing, Heidi Powell has received an outpouring of sympathy and support from friends and family.

Nearly two weeks after the death of the author and former Disney executive at age 47, the fitness instructor took to social media on Thursday to express her gratitude for the “kindness and grace” she had received “during a rather confusing time.”

“Thank you so much. She shared her gratitude in an Instagram Story, writing, “Clinging to the important things even more these days.””You may not see as much of me, but know that…

Everything is fine with me. The love of God, the strength of your prayers, the affection of my children, and the preparation I’ve received from life’s many inexplicable and trying experiences have all left me feeling like I’m prepared for this test “she mentioned in the message that she posted with a photo of herself and one of her kids.

Next, she penned, “Yes, I am maturing. I’m making strides. And yet, there is great happiness and lucidity even amid suffering and obscurity. All this adoration. There is a lot of rearranging of priorities and revelations of healing every day.”

What Happened To Dave Hollis?

Everyone was taken aback by the news because he had appeared to be in good health recently. What happened that led to Dave’s death?

What Happened To Dave Hollis

Still, no one knows what caused the death. Dave, however, was recently hospitalized due to heart-related complications.

Apparently, Dave was employed by Disney from 2011 through 2018. During his time at the company, he oversaw theatrical distribution and was instrumental in launching numerous successful film franchises, including those based on the films Frozen, Black Panther, the Avengers, and many more.

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What Is Dave Hollis’s Cause Of Death?

Variety initially reported the news, and it is still unclear what caused the death. But “had recently been hospitalized for heart-related health issues,” as Dave put it.

What Is Dave Hollis’s Cause Of Death

Dave and Rachel moved from Los Angeles to Austin so that Dave could assist Rachel with running her business, formerly known as Chic Media and now known as The Hollis Company. Dave and Rachel’s podcast about their marriage, Rise Together, was very successful.

Because of how closely the two teams worked together, news of Rachel and Dave’s divorce came as a shock to everyone.

I’m afraid I have some bad news to tell you guys… The decision to end our marriage was extremely challenging, but Dave and I have made it. We’ve been friends for 18 years, and the truth is that our strong points have become a band-aid for our weaknesses.

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After three years of trying our hardest to make our marriage work, we have decided that it is for the best of both of us to end our marriage. As co-parents and business partners, we’re still very close friends despite everything we’ve been through together….

Preventing And Treating Heart Disease

Sources claim that Dave Hollis was receiving treatment for his heart, but the actual cause of his death is still a mystery.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide, but it is also highly preventable if you make some changes to your lifestyle. Tips for maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system:

Final Words

A family member tells US media that Hollis died of “heart issues,” but the official cause of death is still unknown. The Saturday night at his home outside of Austin, Texas, was spent in peace.

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