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Divorce Proceedings Between Hiba Abouk And Achraf Hakimi Hit A Snag!

After a 24-year-old woman allegedly filed a complaint against the Paris Saint-Germain fullback, the news of Hiba Abouk‘s divorce from Achraf Hakimi made headlines.

While the famous actress was out of the country with their children, the woman claimed Hakimi sexually abused her. According to the French publication First Mag, Hiba had asked for half of Hakimi’s assets and fortune. She was shocked to find out that he has nothing to his name.

Hakimi’s mom has been getting his paychecks deposited into her bank account for a number of years now, and she is the primary recipient of his salary and wealth.

While the story has made headlines in Spain, France, and Morocco, it is common knowledge that Abouk does not need any portion of her ex-fortune husband’s to live comfortably.

Hiba Abouk And Achraf Hakimi Started Dating In 2018

In 2018, Hiba Abouk began a relationship with her ex-husband, Achraf Hakimi. The couple secretly tied the knot in 2020 and held a ceremony without telling anyone. There were reportedly only a handful of couples present at the wedding ceremony made up of friends, family, and co-stars.

Hiba Abouk And Achraf Hakimi Started Dating In 2018

How they first met is a secret the couple has never discussed. The Spanish actress and the Moroccan player welcomed twin sons in 2020 and a third in 2022.

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During her husband’s 2022 World Cup appearances in Qatar, the Spanish actress was frequently spotted cheering him on. The Moroccan National Team advanced to the Final Four before being eliminated by France. The team then battled hard against Croatia in an attempt to finish in the top three, but ultimately fell short, finishing in fourth place.

Hiba Abouk Filed For Divorce From Achraf Hakimi Following Reports Of His s***al Assault

Hiba Abouk recently made public her separation from her husband, the Moroccan football superstar Achraf Hakimi. They broke up after the fullback for PSG was recently accused of sexual assault. The Spanish actress has now explained why she and her husband split up. Abouk was upset by the rumors that had been circulating about their breakup and decided to set the record straight.

Hiba Abouk Filed For Divorce From Achraf Hakimi Following Reports Of His Assault

Reports indicated that the couple’s relationship had been on the decline for some time. The most recent allegations leveled against Hakimi were the final straw that caused the couple to part ways. The Spanish actress’s decision to remain silent in the face of her husband’s accusations is indicative of marital trouble.

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Hakimi was arrested on suspicion of rape on March 3, 2023, and placed under judicial supervision by a judge in Paris. He was allowed to leave French territory but not to make contact with the alleged victim. The player “strongly denied accusations made against himself,” according to Hakimi’s attorney Fanny Colin.

Attorney For Achraf: These Charges Are Completely Baseless

Attorney Fanny Colin has refuted the claims of the alleged victim on behalf of the Moroccan player. The lawyer stated, “The accusations are false and the footballer is calm and at the disposal of justice.”

His current club, Paris Saint-Germain, has come out in public support of him following the allegations against him, saying, “The club supports the player, who has firmly denied the accusations, and trusts in justice.” This statement was reported by the French newspaper Le Parisien.


She claimed infidelity and filed for divorce in March of 2023. Even though things between Hakimi and the Spanish actress had been deteriorating for months, the fact that he was under investigation in Paris, France for alleged rape was the final straw.

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