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List Of Drinks And Prices At Dutch Bros. Coffee (March 2023)!

Iced coffee, thanks to the many additives available for cold beverages, has quickly become a customer favorite at Dutch Bros. This makes it difficult to remember what to get every time you visit this popular coffee chain.

You can always go with the tried-and-true, but seasonal flavors are worth a try because you never know which one will become your go-to. Now, what should you do?

We’re here to save the day! We have compiled a list of the 11 best-iced coffee drinks from Dutch Bros so that you can get your caffeine fix while also trying something new.

The White Chocolate Annihilator

The White Chocolate Annihilator

The White Chocolate Annihilator is a top-shelf drink at Dutch Bros. This drink, which combines white chocolate and chocolate macadamia nuts, is delicious whether it’s hot, cold, or blended.

You can get sugar-free half and half to use in place of milk. There’s no better way to face the day than with the energy from a White Chocolate Annihilator first thing in the morning.

Dutch Bros Vanilla Bean Latte

The Vanilla Bean Latte is a great option if you prefer not to drink anything too fancy. Even if there’s still a hint of sweetness, the coffee’s flavor will overpower it and make you forget about it entirely.

Dutch Bros Vanilla Bean Latte

Furthermore, the vanilla taste is extremely pleasing. The first sip is a vanilla flavor explosion in your mouth. Vanilla iced coffee is a safe bet too. No matter what happens, you have faith that it will be enjoyable.

You can select the type of milk you want in your drink at Dutch Bros. If you’re up for an adventure, substitute coconut milk and witness the miraculous transformation of your beverage.

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It’s a smart decision that benefits your health as well. Not bad, especially if you love vanilla, with 350 calories and 62 grams of sugar in a medium-sized cup.

Dutch Bros Golden Eagle

What’s your opinion of caramel? If so, you’ve found your perfect cup of coffee at Dutch Bros. The espresso-based Golden Eagle comes with breve milk, vanilla syrup, caramel sauce, and whipped cream on top.

Dutch Bros Golden Eagle

This iced coffee is a dream come true for anyone with a sweet tooth, thanks to the combination of sugar, cream, and coffee. Those who prefer stronger coffee flavors should probably look elsewhere. It’s like drinking dessert, and the sweetness may be too much.

Dutch Bros., however, offers a variety of sugar-free syrups that can be used to make this drink sugar-free.

For those concerned about their calorie and sugar intake, know that a medium size of this beverage has 480 calories and 37 grams of sugar. We think it’s still worth it to order, despite the fact that it has a relatively high-calorie count.

Kings Of Leon

Do you want to make a stand? Want to get a head start? If so, you should try one of the exciting drinks from the Rebel Energy drink line, created by Dutch Bros and tailored to your preferences. Caffeine Informer claims that each can of Dutch Bros Rebel Energy contains about 80 milligrams of caffeine.

Kings Of Leon

Getting an energy drink instead of coffee at a coffee shop may seem counterintuitive at first, but we’ll explain. The Kings of Leon variant has a very vibrant color due to the addition of kiwi, orange, and lime.

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The fruity flavor of this Rebel iced beverage will explode in your mouth, and the energy it contains will give you a jolt. This drink may be disguised as a parrot, but its flavor and strength are anything but.

Caramel Nog

This hidden menu item hails from a Dutch Bros location in Elk Ridge, and it just might put you in the holiday spirit. The Dutch Bros. Caramel Nog is a delicious addition to your holiday drink menu.

To make this concoction, you should order an espresso or caramel latte and tell your “Broista” (yes, that is the new title for your barista) to replace the cream with eggnog.

This one modification changes everything. Every sip is a celebration of the holiday season, thanks to the perfect harmony between the sugary, silky caramel and the savory, warming spices found in eggnog. This refreshing drink can be enjoyed as a quick pick-me-up in the morning or as a satisfying dessert option at the end of the day.

The Fleck

Introducing Roasty Coffee describes the classic breve known as the Fleck as an espresso drink made with half-and-half rather than whole (or alternative) milk. Imagine a latte on steroids; this is that, but with coffee.

The Fleck

The Fleck, a breve at Dutch Bros, comes with white chocolate, coconut, and hazelnut as optional toppings. The original American version of this drink is already smooth, but this secret menu twist makes it even better.

The Fleck is the perfect finishing touch to your new favorite espresso drink (via Cosmopolitan). Indulge your taste buds in a tropical fantasy with a combination of white chocolate and coconut cream that puts a new spin on a certain hazelnut spread. The Fleck should be on your personal secret menu if you like to sneak away for sweet drinks and tropical getaways.


This best-selling beverage at Dutch Bros. features a caramel flavor, a staple at many cafes. The Golden Eagle is a sweet breve made with a caramel macchiato and vanilla syrups and topped with caramel drizzle. It’s a hit whether served hot or cold.

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