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Dylan Mulvaney, A Transgender Rights Activist, Has Partnered With Bud Light!

We can only find a star like Dylan Mulvaney in the twenty-first century. After coming out as transgender on TikTok, she quickly rose to fame and shifted her focus from performing in musicals to LGBT rights advocacy. With her newfound celebrity, she has been able to land huge brand endorsements and even an interview with Vice President Joe Biden, who she met while she was on-platform.

Her reputation in cyberspace is really upbeat. But when she began sharing advertisement videos for brands like Bud Light, Olay, and Nike, her accounts were inundated with anti-trans rhetoric.

Brand ties with Mulvaney have sparked a new round of transphobia. The remarks of many of her detractors, including famous people and members of Congress, contain gender-based insults, demeaning language, and even threats. So far, she’s just ignored them, even as the vicious talk has gotten louder.

TikTok Stardom For Mulvaney During The Pandemic

Mulvaney began her professional career on stage, touring North America as a leading cast member of the smash musical “The Book of Mormon.” In 2020, however, when the pandemic prevented most events from happening in person, Mulvaney started using TikTok. She shared positive and illuminating videos on her experiences as an LGBT person.

TikTok stardom for Mulvaney during the pandemic

Mulvaney came out as a trans woman in March 2022, after she had amassed a considerable fanbase throughout the pandemic. She had come out as nonbinary earlier in the week, telling fans she was “scared and a little bit ashamed to even consider (herself) back on the binary,” but she had arrived to the conclusion that she wanted to “honor that inner child” who had known for years that she was a girl.

Day 221 also saw Mulvaney interview Vice President Joe Biden, for Now, This News, where he posed the question of whether or not Biden backed the freedom of individual states to outlaw gender-affirming health care.

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He told her he couldn’t back it since his late son Beau Biden, who was Delaware’s attorney general at the time, fought for laws to safeguard trans people there. She also said that on day 279, the day before her operation, she was doxxed, which is when someone reveals your private information online without your permission.

Large-scale Brand Collaborations Spark Transphobia

Mulvaney’s rise to Internet stardom resulted in collaborations with major brands like Kate Spade, natural deodorant maker Native, and hair care innovator Olaplex. Unfortunately, some Bud Light drinkers felt compelled to shower her with anti-transgender abuse after seeing a brief internet ad featuring her.

Large-scale brand collaborations spark transphobia

The video was shot not long after Mulvaney celebrated day 365, and she makes a joke about how she doesn’t understand March Madness but still plans to watch it while drinking a Bud Light. She also received a can with her likeness from the company.

Due to Bud Light’s support of Mulvaney, anti-trans activists have called for a boycott of the company. Kid Rock recorded himself destroying cases of the beer and signing off his video with “fk Bud Light and fk Anheuser-Busch.

” Texas Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw posted an Instagram video in which he labeled the ad “stupid” and vowed to “throw out every single Bud Light in the fridge.

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” When he opened the little fridge in the garage, he discovered he had run out of Bud Light. Anheuser-Busch, the parent firm of Bud Light, also produces Karbach beer, which was readily available in the refrigerator. The Daily Beast claimed Crenshaw’s boycott “failed.”

When Did Dylan Mulvaney Announce His Gender Transition?

Dylan Mulvaney came out as transgender in an emotional video broadcast to social media on 11 March 2022, exactly two years after the outbreak of COVID-19. The video has already received hundreds of millions of likes.

In the clip, we hear the performer talk about how she finally accepted her gender transition from female to male after years of identifying as non-binary.

So, here it is. My gender is female. I identify as a transgender lady. Mulvaney stated, “I’ve decided to use the pronouns she/they going forward, and I guess this video is my coming out.”

“When I came out as non-binary, I used to claim that with each passing day, I felt less and less like a boy. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was gradually becoming more feminine over time.

When asked about re-entering the binary as a trans woman, she said, “I was so scared and a little bit ashamed to even consider myself back on the binary as a trans woman, but ultimately I have to honor [that] that is who I am, and that is who I am supposed to be.”


After Mulvaney tweeted a paid partnership photo of herself wearing Nike leggings and a sports bra, Nike joined the list of businesses being criticized for just integrating trans individuals in their marketing.

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