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Elsa Bloodstone, The Protagonist Of Werewolf By Night, Represents A New Kind Of Marvel Hero!

New this year, a Disney+ Halloween special called Werewolf by Night is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In this special presentation from Marvel Studios based on the comic book character of the same name, Gael Garca Bernal plays the title role of the werewolf. The Nevers’ Laura Donnelly also makes her acting debut here as Elsa Bloodstone.

Elsa Bloodstone’s exploits are well-known to readers of Marvel Comics. The character is one of Marvel’s most prominent monster hunters and appears in many stories that feature supernatural heroes like Blade and the Legion of Monsters. These comic book tidbits, published in advance of her MCU debut, may come as a surprise to fans of the character.

Who Is Elsa Bloodstone?

Since Bloodstone is a well-known monster-hunter in the Marvel comics, her inclusion in Werewolf by Night comes as no surprise. Ulysses Bloodstone, an immortal monster hunter, raised his daughter Bloodstone.

As a result, Bloodstone possesses many of the same skills as her father. She possesses extraordinary physical powers, including those of healing and strength beyond the range of mortal beings. In addition to being immune to bites, Bloodstone’s blood is lethal to vampires.

Who Is Elsa Bloodstone

Bloodstone possesses both innate and augmented abilities thanks to a Bloodgem fragment she keeps around her neck. Bloodstone’s father groomed her to follow in his footsteps as a monster hunter. Bloodstone was only a young child when her violent father made her slaughter horrific monsters.

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He also left her alone with an android nanny, who tortured her if she didn’t know the answers to all the questions she was asked about monster hunting. As an adult, she and her mom take refuge at Bloodstone Manor, where she befriends Adam, the Frankenstein monster. Cullen, her brother whom their father had exiled to another reality, and she are reunited.

Her Early Life Was Spent Hunting

Elsa is the daughter of Ulysses Bloodstone, the most well-known monster hunter in the Marvel universe, as revealed in the Werewolf by Night special. Elsa was reared in England, but she comes from a family who first settled in Boston.

Elsa’s use of a British accent in every appearance she makes in Werewolf by Night is a nod to her British heritage. Elsa grew up in a family of monster hunters, so it was only natural that she followed in her father’s footsteps. Ulysses pitted his infant daughter against a Blight Beast.

When Elsa’s mother Elise objected to his choices, he treated her harshly by having her committed to an institution. To say that Elsa and her father had a rocky relationship throughout her childhood would be an understatement.

What Abilities Does The Bloodstone Have?

Elsa inherited her father’s superhuman talents and regenerative powers from her link to her blood gem. In addition to the choker, she carries a variety of firearms, vampire-hunting implements, and a teleporting magic lamp. Vampires, for example, can be cured by her blood.

What Abilities Does The Bloodstone Have

Laura Donnelly portrays Elsa in Werewolf By Night. The Nevers, a fantasy series on HBO Max, marked the Marvel debut of the Irish actress. Both Outlander and The Fall featured her as a cast member.

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Werewolf at Night’s Elsa Bloodstone and the rest of the cast have not been confirmed to return. Since Elsa doesn’t play a significant role in the rest of the MCU outside of the Halloween special, Marvel gets to determine if and when we get to witness her fantastic monster-battling skills again. Let’s hope we don’t have to hold out until next October 31st.

Elsa Travels Across Dimensions

Elsa is on Doctor Doom’s Battleworld, a planet formed up of wrecked realities after incursions when the Secret Wars comic book story takes place in 2015. Elsa, for whatever reason, was persuaded to believe that she was a Battleworld native and the leader of the Hel-Rangers, a multiverse superteam that had been banished from their home planet.

Elsa Travels Across Dimensions

But Elsa did meet Marvel icons like Juggernaut and Doctor Octopus as they appeared as zombies during her time on Battleworld. When her father, Ulysses, comes to this world in search of the Bloodstone, she even runs across a zombie version of him. Despite being one of Elsa’s most moving stories, this is one of her more out-there arcs.

A Comic Book Retrospective Of Elsa Bloodstone

In 2001, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning wrote and Andy Lanning illustrated the first issue of the Bloodstone limited series, where Elsa made her debut. She was the daughter of Ulysses Bloodstone, the famed monster hunter who gained immortality thanks to a meteorite stuck in his chest.

The demonic vampire Nosferatu was ultimately killed by Elsa, proving that she was every bit as skilled a monster hunter as her father. The irony is that she was aided by Dracula, who is not only a Marvel figure but also has adversaries among the Marvel heroes, most notably Blade.

The fact that Elsa was originally blonde with blue eyes evoked comparisons to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which just adds to the absurdity of the situation.

Despite the popularity of the show, Abnett and Lanning claimed they had never seen an episode before writing the comic, adding that they were “determined to steer clear of Buffy at least while we’re doing Bloodstone.

” At the very least, this may have prompted Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen to steer the wildly successful Nextwave series in a new direction with her.

To Conclude

Elsa appears to be immune to most sorts of physical harm after donning the Bloodstone Choker, which bestows upon her superhuman strength, agility, speed, and endurance in addition to some degree of regeneration abilities. The Bloodstone’s power to ward off vampires is matched by her blood’s ability to kill them.

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