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Facebook Probably Owes You Money. Methods For Determining If You Qualify

If that’s the case, Facebook’s parent company, Meta, may owe you some cash. Besides, who could possibly refuse cash? So, here’s the deal, and how to determine if you qualify. Meta has been sued repeatedly by Facebook users who claim the company unlawfully shared their personal information with third parties.

It was alleged in these lawsuits. Which were eventually merged into a class-action suit. That Facebook had similarly permitted unauthorized access to the friend data of its users. Additionally, it is claimed in the lawsuits that Facebook did not “sufficiently monitor” or enforce its rules on third parties that had access to user data.

The data that Facebook gave to Cambridge Analytica. A now-defunct data analytics firm that helped Donald Trump’s campaign, is a central issue in these lawsuits.

Information About Facebook’s Privacy Settlement Payout

At this time, Meta has decided to settle the class action lawsuit. This action is not an admission of guilt on the part of the company. Meta, however, agrees to pay out $725,000,000 to affected users as part of the settlement.

However, the total includes various legal and administrative fees, so the actual amount paid out to users will be lower. The number of claimants is a key factor in determining the total payout. And yet! Whatever it is, it’s free cash!

Information About Facebook's Privacy Settlement Payout

If you used Facebook between May 24, 2007, and December 22, 2022. And believe you are entitled to money from the settlement, you can submit a claim here. The claim submission deadline is August 25, 2023.

But users who disagree with the settlement and want to sue Meta over these issues must opt out of the settlement by July 26, 2023. A user’s ability to participate in the settlement and any subsequent legal action is contingent on their timely filing of a claim or objection. The class action settlement website, FacebookUserPrivacySettlement.com, has more details if you’re interested.

According To GIPHY, Boomers Make Up The Majority Of GIF Users

Back in the mid-2000s, when emojis and TikToks didn’t even exist. The hip thing to do was to send an endless stream of GIFs. Animated GIFs that looped were all the rage in the early days of social media and became de facto a means of communication for some users. Now, however, even the company that maintains a database of GIFs has come out and said that the animated images are ‘for boomers.

According To GIPHY, Boomers Make Up The Majority Of GIF Users.

Giphy is a search engine that provides users access to a library of GIFs based on user-supplied keywords. However, as the Gen Zers who created TikTok have become the majority of internet users, GIFs’ popularity has plummeted in recent years.

When the UK government tried to prevent Giphy’s merger with Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Giphy admitted that the decline of GIFs was an argument against the merger.

The firm noted in an August filing, “There are indications of an overall decline in GIF use.” Social media users’ opinions and market commentary indicate that GIFs are no longer popular as a content format, with many younger users dismissing the format as “for boomers” and “cringe.” That hurt a little more than we’d like to admit…

Giphy disclosed in the same filing that it had been in touch with major tech companies like Amazon, Apple, and Twitter prior to Meta’s serious interest, but that none of those conversations had led to a deal.

After purchasing Giphy in 2020 for $600 million (£350 million), Meta began incorporating the image database into its various offerings.

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All you unrepentant boomers can now share some laughs on Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and other platforms with GIFs by Giphy. Giphy’s response was that, given its declining popularity, no other company would buy them anyway. After the CMA’s final report found that the deal could harm UK social media users and UK advertisers in November last year, the company was ordered to sell Giphy.

The Competition Appeal Tribunal, however, overturned those findings in July, effectively rendering the report useless. As a result of the CMA’s challenge, a lot of ‘boomers’ have been talking about their favorite GIF-related moments online.

Boomers Make Up The Majority Of GIF Users.

Someone on Twitter wrote, “I was in a meeting today where someone (rightly?) said that gifs are boomer s**t, and I instantly withered into a husk and crumbled and was carried away into the wind.” Someone else chimed in, “I just figured out how to use reaction gifs, and the teenagers are now telling me that gifs are ‘cringe.'” We are not at all embarrassed to admit that upon hearing that GIFs would be sticking around, we let out a huge sigh of relief.

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