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Fire Country Season 2 – Will Not Air On CBS In May 2023!

Jerry Bruckheimer produced the show on CBS. Max Thieriot, an American actor and director, developed the television drama series Fire Country. Joan Rater, a screenwriter, and producer, and Tony Phelan, a producer, director, and screenwriter.

The story revolves around criminal Bode Donovan, who has a troubled past. He has been attempting to redeem himself and decrease his prison sentence. He then enrolls in the California Conservation Camp Program, in which prisoners assist the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, generally known as Cal Fire.

He is assigned to his birthplace in Northern California, where he must work alongside his buddies, other inmates, and expert firemen to put out the massive fires that have been causing difficulties in the area.

When Will Season 2 Of Fire Country Premiere On CBS?

We don’t currently have a release date. What we do know is that CBS is so pleased with the show’s performance that it will continue to air on Fridays at 9 p.m. ET/PT this fall. Normally, this would imply that the series will launch in September, but that is unlikely to happen this year.

When will Season 2 of Fire Country premiere on CBS

The authors have gone on strike. There are now no episodes to film, and the longer the writer’s strike continues, the more production will be delayed. Then there’s the risk that performers and post-production personnel will go on strike in July, further delaying things. The network studios are now unable to reach an agreement on negotiations, which means the strike will continue indefinitely.

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ABC decided not to reintroduce any scripted shows in the autumn. ABC has canceled all scripted programming for 2024, believing the strike will last months. Other networks could follow suit. CBS has a backup plan, but it hasn’t been announced yet. This could imply that Fire Country Season 2 will debut in 2024 rather than in the fall of 2023.

Fire Country Season 2 Plot

Most of the season 2 storylines aren’t accessible yet, however, the series revolves around the fires that firemen (both professional and volunteer) fight in Northern California. As if coping with flames wasn’t difficult enough, these people must also deal with personal drama.

Fire Country season 2 plot

Although the show focuses on various characters, Bode Donovan (Max Thieriot) is the key character. He was once the town’s golden kid, but he returns years later as a volunteer firefighter with a rap sheet and a determination to prove he’s greater than his mistakes and the misunderstandings of others. The task at hand is everything but simple.

“It’s a high-risk, high-reward assignment, and the heat is turned up when Bode is assigned to the program in his rural hometown, where he was once a golden all-American son until his troubles began.

” Bode burned down everything in his life five years ago, leaving town with a terrible secret. Now he’s back, with a criminal’s rap sheet and the arrogance to trust in a second chance with Cal Fire. “Inspired by series star Max Thieriot’s experiences growing up in Northern California fire country.”

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Fire Country Season 2 Cast

There has been no casting news for Fire Country season 2 yet. With that said, we expect all of the primary characters to return, beginning with Max Thieriot as Bode. Thieriot had previously been on SEAL Team, Bates Motel, and Texas Rising.

  • Billy Burke (9-1-1: Lonestar) as Vince    
  • Diane Farr (Rescue Me) as Sharon   
  • Stephanie Arcila (9 Bullets) as Gabriela     
  • Jordan Calloway (Black Lightning) as Jake      
  • Jules Latimer (Guilty Party) as Eve 

Fire Country Season 2 Trailer

The Fire Country season one finale will air on CBS on Friday, May 19, 2023, at 9/8c. The first season will consist of 22 episodes in total, with the 22nd and final installment titled I Know It Feels Impossible.

It was directed by Dermott Downs (who also directed episode 2), and the script was written by Tia Napolitano (episodes 8, 9, 13, 18). If they don’t want to watch the episode live, they can watch it on Paramount+.

Season 2 has yet to have a trailer. We’ll notify you as soon as one becomes available.


Yes, the hit CBS sitcom was so popular that it was renewed for a second season only a few weeks after the first. There is no official release date yet, but it will most likely debut in October, around the same time as the first season.

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