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Richmond Recycling Center On Fire; Evacuations Ordered; Fire Described As “Very Dangerous, Volatile”!

ROCKFORD — After a massive fire broke out Tuesday afternoon near a plastics recycling facility in Richmond, residents in the area were told to leave their homes.

Richmond fire crews responded around 3 p.m. to a trailer fire at a plastics and another material recycling facility on the 300 block of NW F Street. Richmond’s mayor, Dave Snow, said the blaze spread rapidly and released a huge cloud of black smoke.

Snow signed an evacuation order drafted by the Wayne County Emergency Management Agency for anyone living within half a mile of the blaze.

Those who have mobility issues or otherwise need assistance getting around can now use public transportation services. Snow stated that the city is attempting to arrange for a temporary shelter to be built. Snow urged citizens to avoid the area because “it is very, very dangerous and volatile right now.”

Due To The Fire, All After-School Events At Richmond City Schools Have Been Canceled

After the fire has been contained, more details will be released, Snow said. Smoke from the fire is visible on the LiveDoppler7 radar at Storm Center 7.

Snow asked that people “please stay away from that area” and “send a lot of prayers and positive thoughts to our first responders as they try to handle this large-scale situation right now.”

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So far, Snow says, there have been no reports of injuries. We have News Center 7 reporters and photographers at the scene, and we’ll be sure to keep you apprised of developments as they occur.

Major Fire At Plastics Recycling Plant In Richmond, Virginia, Forces Evacuation

In Richmond, Indiana on Tuesday afternoon, a large fire broke out at a recycling facility for plastics and other materials, forcing the evacuation of the surrounding neighborhoods.

Firefighters were called to the 300 block of NW F Street at the recycling facility around 3 p.m. to put out a trailer fire, as reported by Richmond Mayor Dave Snow.

Major Fire At Plastics Recycling Plant In Richmond, Virginia, Forces Evacuation

Within a brief period of time, the fire grew rapidly and released a massive column of thick, black smoke into the atmosphere. All residents within half a mile of the fire were ordered to evacuate after Wayne County Emergency Management Agency officials drafted and Mayor Snow signed an evacuation order.

As a result, public transportation services were established to facilitate the mobility of people who were physically unable to leave their homes without assistance. The city is also working to set up a temporary shelter, Snow said.

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Cause Of Fire

Although the cause of the fire has not been determined, Snow did say that the building was used to recycle plastics and “other materials.” In other words, “that material has, under some circumstances, combusted and is causing a large-scale fire,” as he put it.

No Injuries Reported

There appear to be no injuries at this time. Snow pleaded with residents to avoid the area and instead pray for the safety of the first responders who were working to restore order.

Significant damage has been caused by the fire, and emergency personnel is working around the clock to bring it under control. A heightened state of vigilance and geographic avoidance of the affected area is urged for the safety of the populace.


Mayor Snow issued a warning to residents, saying the area was extremely dangerous and volatile. Those who were downwind (to the east and northeast) were also told to take cover.

It was also recommended that residents who were taking shelter at home turn off their heating and cooling systems, lock their windows and doors, and bring their pets inside.

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