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Freddie Gibbs’ Ex-Girlfriend, Adult Film Actress Destini, Claims He Abandoned Her While She Was Pregnant!

Ex-girlfriend Destini Fox took to Twitter on Thursday to accuse Freddie Gibbs of ghosting her after she told him she was pregnant.

“So, y’all remember when I dated Freddie Gibbs, right?” With a photo of the two of them, Destini (aka The Fit Mami) wrote. “All right, let’s have a chat about it. In 2020, Freddie and I met when he sneaked into my direct message thread on Instagram.

And just so it’s on the record, he was always aware that I performed porn and very accepting of it. We didn’t mind when bloggers started writing about us once we made it public; we were just having a good time.

After they finally committed to each other, she suggested a trip to Europe, where “everything was great.” They were seriously considering starting a family together at one point. Gibbs said to Destini in an iMessage screenshot, “I’m ugly without u I really ain’t shit without u.” Simply said, “I’m a ni**a. To your satisfaction, I shall succeed. I adore you.

What Destini Reveals On Twitter

So, in 2020, I met Freddie when he slid into my Instagram DMs. and for the record, he was always aware that I performed porn and was totally fine with it. The Fit Momi May 4, 2023, @destinicreamsAccording to the lyricist’s ex-lover, one of Gibbs’ baby moms started constantly harassing and threatening her and eventually brought Destini’s daughter from a previous relationship into the mix.

What Destini Reveals On Twitter

She and her partner flew to Hawaii for Freddie’s 40th birthday celebration, where they were joined by Freddie’s mom amidst all the chaos. He suggested that if the kid was a boy,

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we call him Penny, like Penny Hardaway. It was “BFFR,” she claimed in another tweet. Not long after that, there was supposedly a lot of romping and the conception of a child during a drunken night at a friend’s birthday party. According to TheFitMami, “Freddie’s tone immediately changed when I told him I was pregnant.

“Later in the chat, she asked, “I’m so confused at this point because have we not been talking about having a baby for the previous eight months?? The pair continued to avoid the topic of discussion during their trip to Australia. The 40-year-old had previously admitted that he wasn’t prepared to be a parent, but Destini made it clear that she couldn’t remain with him if he wanted her to get an abortion.

They broke up in the end, and Freddie allegedly hasn’t even bothered to see if she’s okay, despite the fact that she’s carrying his child. Keep reading to learn everything TheFitMami has to say about her time spent with Gibbs. Listen to HNHH again this weekend for the latest in hip-hop and pop culture news.

Freddie Gibbs’ Ex-Girlfriend Also Made Threats To Publish An Intimate Photo Of Them Together

Destini apparently told her Twitter followers that she changed her mind about aborting the child she was carrying with Freddie. She said her doctor told her she was actually 12 weeks pregnant, not nine, and that watching the baby move in the ultrasound made her reconsider having an abortion.

Freddie Gibbs' Ex-Girlfriend Also Made Threats To Publish An Intimate Photo Of Them Together

Freddie responded to his ex’s humorous tweets by tweeting some of his own. Then he blocked Destini on Twitter, causing her to broadcast her possession of an extremely private photo of Freddie to the world.

Destini accused Freddie of insanity because he had blocked her on Twitter when she had a photo of him spreading his a–h— on her phone. However, I’m going to hold back on that one.

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Destini’s Twitter feed was full of comments, and her rumored photo became viral. In no time at all, “Spreadie Gibbs” became a top tweet. The racy portrait of Freddie Mercury inspired many followers to play it out. Freddie brushed aside the claims that were circulating on social media.

Freddie Gibbs Is A Father Of Multiple Children

Destini seemed ready to proceed with the pregnancy. Freddie already had three children when he and Destini started dating, so this new pregnancy would make him a parent to four.

Freddie Gibbs Is A Father Of Multiple Children

Freddie’s son Freddie Jr. was born to Kimber Henry, Freddie’s first wife. The rapper’s ex-girlfriend, Erica Dickerson, is the mother of their daughter. Despite the fact that Erica and Freddie split up in 2015, she still talks openly about her experiences co-parenting with the rapper on her podcast, Good Moms Bad Choices. Following their breakup, Erica also pursued a custody case against Freddie.

TMZ reports that Freddie’s third baby mom, Raven Tatum, had her own problems with the rapper. In his song “Grandma’s Stove” from 2022, Freddie called his ex-girlfriend Raven a “rat” for filing a child support suit against him. After hearing the diss track, several of his followers took to Twitter to shame him for insulting the woman who gave him life.

Final Words

Freddie Gibbs’ ex-girlfriend is tearing him apart on Twitter after accusing him of ghosting her after she got pregnant. In 2020, Gibbs began a public connection with adult film star Destini, also known as The Fit Mami, and he hasn’t been hesitant about chronicling their time together on social media.

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