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“Gaylor” Believers’ Explanation For Why We Assume Taylor Swift Is Bisexual!

This coming Friday, December 8, Taylor Swift will release Midnights, her tenth studio album. Some eager followers are under the impression that, as is customary among Swifties. Swift will use the album’s release to drop a major bombshell. And they think she’s been planting clues for this reveal for years. Because it wouldn’t be a Taylor Swift album release if we weren’t dissecting a casual remark she made three years ago on Jimmy Fallon’s show.

When it comes to the events leading up to Midnights, there are two main fan theories. The first is what we will refer to as the Karma theory. The Gaylor theory is the second. We are almost there with one of them, and almost there with the other.

Get out your code-breaking glasses. You need to locate a magnifying glass that is so enormous it’s funny. It’s time for us to do some investigating.

Taylor’s Personal Life, LGBTQ Activism, And Queer Easter Eggs

After the premiere of the music video for “You Need to Calm Down” by Taylor Swift. Many fans and nonfans alike began to wonder whether or not she is gay.

The song’s release in June 2019—Pride Month—was a clear statement in support of LGBTQ equality. After the success of the single, Taylor gave a sizable sum to GLAAD. A group that advocates for the rights of the LGBTQ community. She also organized a drive to get the Equality Act, which would make it illegal to discriminate on the basis of a person’s gender or sexual orientation, passed into law.

Taylor's personal life, LGBTQ activism, and queer Easter eggs

Laverne Cox, a trans actress, Ellen DeGeneres (unfortunately). Adam Lambert, the queer icon RuPaul, Hannah Hart, and many others appeared in the music video. As a clear statement of solidarity with the LGBTQ community, the video was a huge success.

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During the video’s middle section, Taylor’s hair is dyed pink, purple, and blue, the exact colors of the bisexual flag. To put it simply, I don’t blame the Gaylor faithful for taking this as indisputable proof of her bisexuality.

Is Taylor Swift A Lesbian?

Taylor Swift’s adoring public began to speculate in 2014 that she was involved in a gay relationship with Karlie, which they promptly and lovingly dubbed “Kaylor,” because the two were always photographed holding hands and looking smitten with each other. According to The Blast, “the leggy pair” has received a lot of press for their PDA-filled female friendship.

However, in 2018, Karlie married businessman Joshua Kushner, the brother of the president’s senior advisor, and went on to replace Heidi Klum as the host of Project Runway. It was noticeable that Taylor Swift wasn’t at her best friend Karlie’s wedding or in any photos together, and that she hadn’t even attended Taylor’s own birthday party that year.

Back in the here and now, Swifties dove headfirst into “Folklore” the second it was released. Because Taylor is well-known for sneaking easter eggs into her works, fans on social media platforms like TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram had a blast trying to figure out her most recent hidden message.

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The songs “Illicit Affairs,” “Seven,” and, of course, “Betty” were all cited as proof that Tay was trying to convey a message to her listeners. And they concluded that the message meant that she had a thing for females.

Is Taylor Swift Working On A Long-Lost Album?

Swift recently revealed that Midnight’s eleventh track would be titled “Karma.” This book is a perfect example of how the Karma principle works: Karma, a previously announced album by Taylor Swift, has been shelved since 2016. According to Swift’s devoted fanbase, the album was scrapped after Kim Kardashian’s now-famous #KimExposedTaylorParty, during which she leaked audio clips that appeared to show Swift in a tangled public lie.

Is Taylor Swift working on a long-lost album

(The full tape would exonerate Swift if it were released in 2020, four years later.) Fans anticipate that the “Karma” song on Midnights will be a previously unheard cut from the secret scrapped Karma album and that it will be a diss track aimed squarely at Kanye West as his star continues to plummet.

This is proof that Karma exists. Earlier in her career, Swift released an album exactly once every two years. By all accounts, her sixth album, the follow-up to 2014’s 1989, should have been released in 2016.

In contrast, Swift skipped a year and dropped their Reputation in 2017 after her feud with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West turned her into a public pariah. After Swift’s fall from grace, fans began wondering if she had another album planned for 2016 but scrapped it in favor of Reputation.

Final Words

When Karlie posted a photo with the caption “happy place” that looked strikingly like the cover art for Taylor’s album, Swifties went even crazier. One ardent fan tweeted, “HAVE BEEN DATING FOR SEVEN YEARS YOU CANT CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE.”

We appreciate a good celebrity theory as much as the next person but trust us when we say that the #Kaylor hashtag will keep even the most dedicated internet sleuth busy for hours.

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