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Genya, From “Demon Slayer,” Displayed Some Demonic Abilities; But How Did He Do It?

The third episode of the Swordsmith Village Arc was eagerly anticipated by the Demon Slayer fandom, and it did not let them down. The cruel Upper Moons Gyokko and Hantengu eventually found their way to the Swordsmith Village, giving fans their long-awaited clash.

The two powerful Demons created havoc as planned, posing a serious threat to the Demon Slayers and the villagers. Fans, however, are on the edge of their seats since the struggle has only just begun.

The plot twist that left Genya Shinazugawa in critical condition after being attacked by one of Hantengu’s personalities with a spear-like weapon shocked viewers. Now people are wondering if he will be okay or if this is the end of the line for the popular character.

Fans are excited to watch how the plot develops in the next episodes because of the unexpected turn of events, which has brought tension and ambiguity to the storyline.

Who Is Genya Shinazugawa Demon Slayer?

Genya, who makes her debut in episode four of the Final Selection Arc, serves as a counterpoint to Tanjiro’s sympathetic and reflective persona. While other recruits Tanjiro and Zenitsu showed signs of elation and relief that they had passed the exam, Genya exhibited impatience, aggressiveness, and even brutality.

Nonetheless, he was one of the people who joined the Demon Slayer Corps after enduring seven nights on top of Fujikasane Mountain alongside Tanjiro, Zenitsu Agatsuma, Kanao Tsuyuri, and Inosuke Hashibara.

Who Is Genya Shinazugawa Demon Slayer

Genya claimed his Nichirin Sword after completing the Final Selection exam by threatening Kanata Ubuyashiki, which led to a showdown between him and Tanjiro. After selecting an ore for his blade, he left for unknown lands.

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Episode 26, which takes place during the Rehabilitation Training Arc, is the next time we encounter Genya. He was now noticeably taller and heavier than the last time Tanjiro had seen him. Tanjiro also smelled something strange emanating from Genya as they passed each other in the Butterfly Mansion’s corridor.

Recent arcs in Demon Slayer have seen the main characters meet more Hashiras and delve deeper into Muzan Kibutsuji’s network. Fans have been hoping that gray characters like Genya will be further explored as the barrier between humans and demons blurs. Even if we have to wait until early 2023, we get the impression that Genya will play an important role in the plot.

What Happened In The New Episode?

We witnessed the two Demons’ arrival in the settlement. While Gyokku used his pot to murder a helpless villager, Hantengu sat quaking in horror on the roof. As though out of nowhere, the coward Hantengo dared to enter the room where Tanjiro, Tokito, and Nezuko were waiting. When Muichiro finally got a good grip on Hantengu, he was able to cut off his head. It’s not going to be simple to slay Hantengu, though; he’s an Upper-Rank Four Demon.

What Happened In The New Episode

A beheaded Hantengo splintered into two Demons, and one of them, Karaku, blew the room full of people with a maple leaf. Outside, Genya Shinazugawa was spotted perched atop the building with a two-barreled pistol in hand while the fight continued. He then revealed two more of his identities,

Aizetsu and Urogi, after using his gun and sword to execute Karaku and Sekido. Aizetsu stabs Genya in the back, then raises him into the air, allowing the blade to pass entirely through his body, while Urogi lifts Tanjiro into the air. It’s natural for viewers to question if Genya will make it through such a tremendous strike.

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Will Genya Shinazugawa Die In Demon Slayer?

Thankfully, your beloved Demon Slayer is as tough as he appears, so this is not the end. Despite taking such a lethal hit, Genya still manages to shoot Aizetsu and blast off his skull. Fans have yet to witness Genya’s intense clash with Sekido and Aizetsu, in which they will watch him give a hard time to the Demons but also struggle against them. But here’s the thing: Genya’s troubles are far from over.

What, then, enabled Genya Shinazugawa to recover from what should have been a lethal blow? Well, he owes it all to the time he spent learning from Gyomei Hamejima. The Breathing Styles that are taught to Demon Slayers are the ultimate method for healing the Demons’ wounds, as well as an offensive strategy for killing them.

But since Genya can’t use his breathing capacity, he is taught prayers called the Amida Sutra, which help him recover from his wounds. After taking damage from Aizetsu, Genya used his regenerative powers to come back and battle. The originator didn’t come up with the Amida Sutra approach on her own; rather, it has Buddhist origins.

How Did Genya Resurrect Himself To Face Upper Moon Four?

This isn’t the first time in Demon Slayer that Genya has displayed a regenerative talent. Young Genya is missing a tooth when Tanjiro first sees him in the hot spring. Given his character, Tanjiro has retained it ever since.

How Did Genya Resurrect Himself To Face Upper Moon Four

Just as he’s ready to give it back, he notices that Genya now has a complete set of teeth. His battle with Upper Moon Four displayed some of his regeneration capacity, but perhaps not all of it.

Genya’s seeming invulnerability has been attributed to supernatural intervention. The Amida Sutra, which promises rebirth, is chanted by him frequently in these depictions. While that’s possible, it does raise the question of why the Demon Slayer Corps isn’t spreading this method. Their line of work has a rather high death rate, thus a regeneration skill like that would be welcome.

There’s also the potential that Genya’s body is half demon. Sharing the same kind of body as the demons would account for his regenerating abilities, given they are the only creatures in Demon Slayer to do so.

Genya may not have a demon body like Nezuko because he appears mostly human and naturally adapts to walking in the sun. That he possesses some of it is the only alternative possibility, and it’s also likely the reason his regeneration isn’t as effective as that of actual demons.


Genya is one of the most likable and realistic characters in the show, despite his brutish exterior and Tanjiro’s gentle strength. He’s just trying to be brave for everyone else’s sake while keeping his own tender heart safe.

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