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Here’s A Review Of Season 2 Of ‘Outer Banks And All Its Happy Endings!

The Pogues have returned to the scene. We didn’t think it was possible, but Outer Banks‘ second season, which follows up on the first’s high-stakes season of romance, drama, and familial betrayal, is even more thrilling than the first. (It’s safe to say that things have not settled down in North Carolina.)

John B. (Chase Stokes) and Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline) spent the final episode of the first season on a barge bound for the Bahamas, in case you need a quick refresher. Sarah’s cunning father, Ward (Charles Esten), stole the legendary gold treasure of the Royal Merchant that they and their friends discovered, and he has since locked it away in a safe in Nassau. The Pogues are plotting a return theft now.

But alas, not everyone is in on the secret. To this day, John B’s best friends, the Pogues, consisting of JJ (Rudy Pankow), Pope (Jonathan Daviss), and Kiara (Madison Bailey), are mourning his and Sarah’s deaths at sea by carving “P4L” into a tree.

I Hope John B. And Sarah Arrived Safely In The Bahamas

They did, but not without drawing attention to themselves along the way. The crew learns that there is a $50,000 reward for John B’s capture after discovering a wanted poster with his face on it during their voyage.

I hope John B. And Sarah Arrived Safely In The Bahamas

Before they reach the dock, Captain Terrance (Terence Rosemore) decides to lock them up, but of course, they manage to break out before the Bahamian police can apprehend them. John B. steals a phone from a hotel and uses it to send a picture to the Pogues in the Outer Banks, letting them know they are still alive.

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Later that evening, he breaks into the Camerons’ Paradise Island vacation home and discovers the massive safe containing their fortune. He is, alas, unable to unlock it. On his return, he learns that Terrance has abducted Sarah. One of Terrence’s associates named Cleo (Carlacia Grant) picks up John B and brings him to the place where Cleo is being held.

When they get there, John B. offers a cut of the gold to Terrance and the rest of the gang if they promise not to turn them in. The reformed crew returns to the Paradise Island home, where they unlock the safe—but not before Ward receives a suspicious-person alert on his phone. All of them are chased away by the police before they can steal the gold. Bummer.

Season 2 Of ‘Outer Banks Begins With John B. And Sarah Vacationing In The Bahamas

The first season ended with John B. and Sarah’s loved ones thinking they had died. Season 2 begins with the shocking revelation that they are still alive and living in the Bahamas. While on the run from the law and Sarah’s father, Ward, they come close to the Royal Merchant’s gold several times.

Season 2 Of 'Outer Banks Begins With John B. And Sarah Vacationing In The Bahamas

In an effort to prevent Sarah and John B. from escaping his clutches without the gold, Rafe shoots Sarah.
John B. rescues Sarah and avoids capture by Ward and Sarah’s brother Rafe, who has tracked down the couple. They can’t pay for it in gold, to repeat. John B., however, manages to save Sarah’s life by enlisting the services of a dubious medical professional.

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Pope and his fellow pogues are on the lookout for a key that will unlock the Santo Domingo Cross.
Back in the Outer Banks, John B. is on the run for the murder of the sheriff, and Pope and the gang are trying to find a way to clear his name.

This was the murder from Season 1 that Rafe committed and not John B. Pope meets a woman named Carla in Charleston who, rumor has it, is old friends with John B.’s dad.

An Arrest Is Made On John B., But He Is Exonerated Quickly

Not long after John B.’s arrest, Rafe’s prints are found on the murder weapon. But in a surprising turn of events, Ward “kills” himself by faking his own death to avoid arrest for the murder. John B., Sarah, and the other pogues discover the cross, but before they can claim it, Rafe and Renfield, Carla’s brother and henchman steal it.

Despite popular belief, the cross does not have the power to heal because it is missing a magical shroud. Carla shoots her sibling, Rafe, who narrowly avoids being killed. He is holding a cross, though.

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