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Here’s The Whole Story Of When Billie Eilish And Jesse Rutherford Started Dating And When They Broke Up!

Billie Eilish, 21, has a new boyfriend: in the fall of 2022, the singer was spotted kissing musician Jesse Rutherford, 31. Eilish made her relationship with Rutherford’s Instagram official on Halloween, mocking critics of their age difference by dressing them as a baby and an elderly man.

In her Vanity Fair Same Interview, Sixth Year video, Eilish goes on to explain about her relationship with Rutherford. “Yes, I do [currently] [have a boyfriend]. She commented, “It’s awesome, and I’m really excited and happy about it.” in an interview from October of 2022.

Dating speculation began when she was spotted having dinner with the lead singer of The Neighbourhood, followed shortly by photos of the two of them making out. Who is this Rutherford, and what is his relationship to Eilish like? Everything you require is right here.

Who Is Jesse Rutherford?

For the band The Neighbourhood, Rutherford handles vocal duties. The songwriter of the number-one hit “Sweater Weather” is 31 years old.

Rutherford was previously linked to Wildflower Cases co-founder and social media star Devon Lee Carlson before he began dating Eilish. GQ called them “2019’s most 2019 couple” after they were together from 2015 to 2021 (though Carlson didn’t acknowledge the split until over a year later, in September 2022).

Eilish’s only known exes are rapper Brandon Quentin Adams, as revealed in her Apple TV+ documentary, The World’s A Little Blurry, and 31-year-old actor Matthew Tyler Vorce.

What Is The Age Difference Between Billie Eilish And Jesse Rutherford?

The “Happier Than Ever” singer, at age 21, and the “Daddy Issues” musician, at age 31, have a 10-year age difference. Twitter was flooded with critical responses from fans over the age difference. Someone wrote, “Gotta love Hollyweird;

Jesse has known billie eilish since she was 15 and she can’t legally drink;” Fans came to Billie’s defense, saying things like, “Not a clue who this Jesse dude is but Billie Eilish is 20 years old not 16. Hear me out: “She’s an entirely functional adult.”

What Is The Age Difference Between Billie Eilish And Jesse Rutherford

This last point was reiterated by Billie’s own brother, Finneas. Finneas reacted to a troll on TikTok who claimed, “Your sister is dating a 31-year-old man and your music is shitty,” by saying, “I want my sister to be happy and safe, and she is a 21-year-old adult perfectly entitled to make her own life decisions.”

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At Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights in October 2020, the “bad guy” singer and the “Sweater Weather” musician were spotted holding hands and holding hands. As reported by TMZ, they were seen holding hands.

However, neither has publicly acknowledged their relationship status. According to Hollywood Life’s second insider, the two have known each other for quite some time and mutually respect one another. A close friend of Billie’s noted that despite the couple’s brief dating history, she already feels at ease with Jesse.

Although the age gap between them may be a source of concern for their fans, Billyie doesn’t see it as a problem because she feels a deep connection to him regardless of his age. In addition, she’ll be legally able to go wherever she wants to with her friends after she turns 21 in a few months.

The insider continued, “Daddy Issues” singer is someone Billie looks up to. He is quite successful as an artist, but that’s not all: he is also incredibly bright and humorous, and he treats her with the utmost respect. Things are still in their infancy, but they’re doing swimmingly so far.

Who Is Billie Eilish Dating Now?

Jesse Rutherford appears to be Billie’s new boyfriend after the whole Instagram launch fiasco. People report that the “everything I wanted” singer dated Rapper Q (real name: Brandon Adams) and actor Matthew Tyler Vorce.

Who Is Billie Eilish Dating Now

After her relationship with Matthew ended, rumors began to circulate that she had cheated on him. On May 30, 2022, the actor addressed these rumors in an Instagram story. No one cheated on anyone else. In the end, relationships fail. Just like that,” People put it.

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According to Newsweek, Jesse dated model and entrepreneur Devon Lee Carlson from 2015 until 2021. This pair has been called “2019’s most 2019 couple” by GQ. I’m not sure what requirements there are for that designation, but I think it’s reasonable to say that their six-year relationship was pretty serious.


It’s hard to make an accurate prediction. Since neither Billie nor Jesse has addressed the public about their relationship, the timeline of their romance is murky. But there’s no denying the chemistry between them now. To learn more about the ship, stay tuned.

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