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How Many EX Does Justin Bieber Have? Obtain His Complete Dating Record Now!

The Biebs are hanging out with their pals. In the years leading up to his October 2018 wedding to Hailey Bieber (previously Baldwin), music superstar Justin Bieber was frequently linked to a number of high-profile actresses and models.

The “Peaches” singer told New! magazine in October 2011 that he and then-girlfriend Selena Gomez wouldn’t be together if he weren’t in love with her. She has a great sense of humor and puts up with all my jokes without getting angry. She is a family-oriented individual who values her loved ones greatly. Since our mothers raised us independently, we all grew up with many of the same core beliefs.

They made their red carpet debut in February 2011 and continued to date intermittently until 2018. While Gomez and the Canadian singer were on a break from each other in August of 2016, she took to Instagram to criticize the singer after he asked his followers to stop hating on his then-girlfriend, Sofia Richie.

Legendary Basketball Player

The “Friends” singer was spotted at Craig David’s restaurant in West Hollywood, California, in March 2018, with model Baskin Champion on his arm, only weeks after parting up with on-off spouse Gomez.

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Gomez, Selena

Gomez, Selena

Both parties suspected each other of cheating, leading to their breakup in November 2012. After a formal reconciliation in September 2014, they ended up breaking up again in October. Their on-again, off-again relationship was a focal point of media coverage.

A major factor in the couple’s final split in March 2018 was Gomez’s mother’s disapproval.

Hailey Bieber

While Justin and Hailey were dating in 2015 and 2016, they took a trip to Anguilla. While still dating Gomez, Bieber contacted the Arizona native at year’s end, and the pair reportedly reunited in June of this year.

The artist reportedly proposed to Hailey in July of that year, and the couple married the knot in a New York City courtroom in September, according to an article published by Us Weekly.

Singer Sofia Richie

The initial reports about Justin and Richie’s relationship surfaced in August 2016. The musician and model were frequently spotted in public together, and they even traveled to Mexico and Japan. In September 2016, their rushed relationship came to an end.

Kardashian, Kourtney

Kardashian, Kourtney

Apparently, on the StreetsThere were rumors at the year’s end that Bieber was seeing Kourtney Kardashian, who had recently ended her relationship with longtime boyfriend Scott Disick. The two were frequently seen together in December, frequenting several different night spots.

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When Justin and Pierce were spotted together for the first time in May of 2015, dating rumors quickly spread. The “Ghost” singer and the British supermodel were rumored to be an item, but they were really spotted together quite frequently, including on a trip to Bora Bora.

Jennifer Jarrell

The Bieber Nation first started talking about Justin and his then-My Planet tourmate when they sang “Overboard” together in 2010. Justin said that they were merely best friends back when they were both 15 years old, despite the evident sexual tension between them.


For Justin’s first Sunday at church in Atlanta after moving from Ontario in 2009, Beadles was in attendance. The singer’s constant touring schedule finally drove a wedge between them. His song “Never Let You Go” purports to be the story of their brief love affair.

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