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How The North Carolina Education Lottery Has Benefited Students And The State’s Economy For 15 Years!

STATE CAPITAL (GREENSBORO, N.C.) The North Carolina Education Lottery has generated $8 billion for state-run schools over the course of its 15-year history. Starting on March 30, 2006, North Carolina has held an annual Education Lottery. On average, the lottery contributes $2 million per day to classroom budgets. After years of playing the lottery:

Approximately 95 cents of every lottery ticket purchase is reinvested in the state’s economy in the form of a prize, educational funding, or retailer commission. Scratch-off tickets, which can be purchased instantly, have 762 unique variations and are therefore the most popular type of game.

Being only the fourth U.S. lottery and the youngest at the time to meet the requirements for certification, the lottery holds the highest level of responsible gaming certification recognized internationally.
There were an estimated eighteen billion dollars worth of prizes awarded. Seven winners took home Powerball or Mega Million jackpots ranging from twelve million to three hundred and forty-six million dollars.

In North Carolina, lottery tickets can be purchased at any of over 7,100 retail locations, including many of the state’s best-known stores. There were 5,000 more winners than on the first day the lottery was held.
The lottery has become one of the most profitable businesses in the state, bringing in $3 billion every year.

Who Gets To Decide How The Lottery’s Profits Will Be Spent?

More than $725 million per year is now generated for North Carolina’s educational initiatives thanks to the Education Lottery. State lawmakers annually allocate lottery proceeds to education in the state budget.

The proceeds from the lottery this year will be used to:

  • You should help pay for teachers’ salaries and busing in all school districts, not just the Triad.
  • Please lend a hand to construct and renovate schools in all one hundred counties. Five and a half million dollars in lottery funds were allocated to Guilford County last year for school-building purposes.
  • To aid in making state universities and community colleges, like Guilford Technical Community College and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, more affordable to students. The need is considered when doling out scholarships and grants. N.C. Education Lottery Scholarships were awarded to 1,500 college students from Guilford County last year.
  • Back the North Carolina Pre-K program, which offers low-income kids aged 4 a year of academic preschool for free so they can be ready for kindergarten when they enter. In Guilford County, 977 children aged 4 participated in the program last year.

How Does The Lottery Ensure That Its Players Behave It?

The lottery has the world’s most stringent certification for responsible gambling because it adheres to responsible gambling standards across the board, from marketing and sales to customer service and player education.

Play Smart is our brand-new educational initiative for players. Lottery players can find all the information they need to make informed choices with the help of Play Smart, an initiative created to equip them with the knowledge they need to purchase lottery tickets responsibly.

How does the lottery ensure that its players behave themselves

Play Smart is like having a personal lottery coach who helps you play the lottery in a responsible manner. Players who take the time to learn the ins and outs of our games are more likely to enjoy them, and players who enjoy playing the lottery are more likely to play responsibly. We tell our customers to take a break from the lottery whenever they start to feel like it’s no longer fun.

N.C.’s Problem Gambling Program receives $1 million annually from the Education Lottery. A toll-free hotline, no-cost counseling services, and public awareness and prevention initiatives can all be maintained thanks to this funding.

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