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How To Watch The Final Season Of “Snowfall” Online For Free!

Season 6, episode 5 of Snowfall is titled “Ebony and Ivory,” and it premieres on FX at 10:00 PM ET/PT on Wednesday, March 15. Snowfall is a drama series that takes place in the 1980s and chronicles the beginnings of the crack cocaine epidemic and its dramatic effects on American society.

From Mexican and Nicaraguan drug lords to street hustlers and even dirty CIA agents, the entire supply chain is intricately woven together as they bring the drug into Los Angeles. The current season will be the show’s last. If you don’t have cable but still want to watch Snowfall, this article will tell you where to find it online so you can watch the latest season 6 episodes or any of the previous seasons.


When can you catch Snowfall? Snowfall airs on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET. Snowfall is broadcast on FX. Getting the Most Recent Episodes: Hulu now has new episodes available the day after they air on FX (30-day free trial).

The following streaming services carry FX and offer a free trial, so you can watch Snowfall the night it premieres.

Vidgo carries FX and provides a free trial for a week. You can watch FX for free for 5 days with DIRECTV STREAM. You can try out YouTube TV risk-free for a whole week. Season 6 episodes of Snowfall are available on Hulu On Demand the day after they air on FX (30-day free trial). All of the episodes from Seasons 1–5 of Snowfall can be viewed there as well.

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Locales Where You Can Watch Snowfall Free Of Cable

On FX at 10 p.m. ET on February 22, 2023, the premiere episodes of Season 6 of Snowfall aired. The next day, you can watch it on Hulu (which is only available in the US).

On March 15th, 2023, watch Snowfall Season 6 Episode 5: Ebony and Ivory. Cord-cutters and those without cable can watch “Snowfall” on Fubo TV in real time (free trial).

Exactly What Is The Plot Of “Snowfall”?

This is the origin of the crack epidemic. Through its five seasons on FX, “Snowfall” has shown how the spread of rock cocaine devastated a once-thriving neighborhood in South Central Los Angeles, and how an undercover CIA operation contributed to this tragedy.

Season 6 takes place in October 1986, with civil war threatening to tear the Saint family apart. Franklin (Damson Idris) is in a bind after losing his family at the hands of ex-CIA agent Teddy McDonald (Amin Joseph).

He robs his aunt Louie (Angela Lewis) and uncle Jerome (Amin Joseph) to survive (Carter Hudson). In the meantime, Louie has stepped into Franklin’s shoes as Teddy’s sole buyer, effectively undercutting her nephew and establishing a rival empire.

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If Franklin wants to survive, he’ll have to outwit the KGB, the DEA, and the CIA, all while avoiding the LAPD’s fully militarized, fully corrupt C.R.A.S.H. units. If he fails, he’ll lose everyone he cares about and everything he’s worked for.

When everyone’s backs are against the wall, what kind of people will they become?

Finding A Way To Stream Season 6 Of Snowfall In The United States Without Cable

The sixth season of Snowfall will become available on Hulu on February 23, 2023, for American viewers. Hulu has two pricing tiers, one with advertisements ($7.99/month) and one without ($14.99/month). Hulu’s plans can be tailored to your preferences with the help of add-ons like HBO Max and STARZ. Hulu also provides a free 30-day trial for new subscribers.

The Disney package of Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ costs $13.99 per month for the ad-supported option. An ad-free monthly subscription is available for $19.99. Watch the sixth season of Snowfall via live stream on FX through the following providers:


The Sling TV Blue and Sling + Orange Blue packages both include FX. Sling TV’s base $40/month package is currently discounted by 50% for new customers.

FX can be viewed on fuboTV. The current price of a membership is $74.99. Moreover, new users can test out fuboTV risk-free for a full week. If you want more from Hulu than what the other services offer, Hulu with Live TV might be for you.

The monthly cost of Hulu + Live TV is $69.99 per month and provides access to both the Hulu on-demand streaming library and live TV channels. A subscriber also receives unrestricted access to Disney+ and ESPN+.

Live broadcasts of FX can also be viewed on YouTube TV. The initial three months of a subscription cost $54.99 per month. Beginning in the fourth month, however, you’ll be charged $64.99 monthly.

FX is a channel that is available on the DirecTV Stream. New users can try out the service risk-free for 5 days before committing to the $74.99 per month basic plan.

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