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Charlie Puth Teases Future Collaboration With Sabrina Carpenter By Kissing Her!

Puth and Carpenter are sitting at a candlelit table playing Operation when he remarks, “I always knew you had a tiny, tiny heart.”

In the midst of Sabrina Carpenter’s rumored relationship with Shawn Mendes. Pop star Charlie Puth tweeted a clip of the two of them kissing, prompting a rush of queries from the audience as to whether or not they are dating. With the title “3.31 @sabrinacarpenter @danandshay,” Puth uploaded a 13-second clip to TikTok.

The 23-year-old singer and actress hold out a tiny heart to Puth as they play Operation at a candlelit table in the video. The Female singer replies, “I always knew you had a tiny, tiny heart,” and then the two of them embrace and kiss to the accompaniment of instrumental music.

Are Charlie Puth And Sabrina Carpenter Dating?

Several fans speculated that the two singers might be dating after seeing a video they shared on March 15. However, it turns out the video was just a promotional teaser for their future collaboration. Which is set for release on March 31, 2023.

Are Charlie Puth And Sabrina Carpenter Dating

An image taken earlier in the day by Puth included the caption. “I love my Nanos and I love that the start of something wonderful arrives tonight,” a clear reference to the release of the track that will be available for streaming on Apple Music and other platforms.

There have been rumors that Sabrina Carpenter is dating the musician and songwriter Shawn Mendes. An ET insider has confirmed that Carpenter is dating the 24-year-old artist. A lot of “hanging out” and “trying to keep things low-key” has supposedly been going on between the two.

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The insider went on to say that Mendes is delighted and that the two were seen at a birthday party together. On March 9, after Miley Cyrus’ album release party. The rumored couple was spotted leaving together, adding fuel to the fire. Before that, on February 27th, they were seen strolling the streets of Los Angeles together.

As one Twitter user put it, “Shawn Mendes and Sabrina Carpenter are officially not dating. Because Sabrina and Charlie Puth were pictured. kissing each other for the promotion of their new song.” “But she’s an actress, so I’m not sure,” said another. I stand by Shawn whatsoever; his personal life is none of our concern.

Sabrina Carpenter And Charlie Puth’s Passionate Makeout Session In This TikTok Video Has Fans Going Crazy

TikTok user Charlie Puth has recently added a video of him kissing (!!!!) Sabrina Carpenter to his collection of pitch-matching, impromptu songs, amusing duets, and more. Without a doubt, this wasn’t on our 2023 bingo cards, but we don’t mind it one bit.

Charlie uploaded a TikTok to his account on March 15 with the message “3.31 @sabrinacarpenter @danandshay.” Sabrina is in the middle of a game of Operation. And the camera slowly pans to her as she carefully dissects the plastic heart with tweezers. She laughs, “It’s not going to buzz at all because I’m a professional.

” Charlie responds with some playful teasing, “I always knew you had a teeny, tiny heart.” There is a gradual lean-in from the “See You Again” vocalist towards her. There’s a tender kiss between the two music icons as the clip transitions to black and the piano entrance fades in.

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Is It Just Us, Or Is The Temperature In Here Rapidly Rising?

One of the audience members exclaimed, “IM SORRY DID I JUST SEE SABRINA CARPENTER AND CHARLIE PUTH KISS?! ” Some furious commentators wrote things like “WHAT WHAT WHAT” and “EXCUSE ME WTF???” and “HARD LAUNCH!!?” and “IMA NEED AN EXPLANATION.” Other than “THE WAY I SCREAMED,” another favorite is the straightforward “how could u do this to me.”

Is It Just Us, Or Is The Temperature In Here Rapidly Rising

Charlie and Sabrina were spotted at the Spotify 2023 Best New Artist celebration in California. And while they have never been romantically linked. We suppose this is completely business and not the spicy hard launch that some TikTok fans wondered it would be.

Some followers have mentioned that Charlie is dating Brooke Sansone and that Sabrina is supposed to be seeing Shawn Mendes. One fan even joked, “SHAWN MENDEZ [sic] PUNCHING THE AIR RIGHT NOW.”

On March 31st, you can get your hands on the results of Sabrina, Charlie, and Dan + Shay’s massive collaborative effort. For those who simply cannot wait. Sabrina Carpenter will release four additional songs on March 17 as part of an expanded reissue of her album. Emails I Can’t Send titled Emails I Can’t Send Fwd.

Shawn Mendes And Sabrina Carpenter Are Supposedly Dating

There have been rumors that Carpenter is dating Shawn Mendes ever since the two were photographed leaving the album release party for Miley Cyrus’ new album together.

A source informed Entertainment Tonight that they “see each other” and “hang out a lot,” but neither party has confirmed the relationship.

The Girl Meets World star and the Canadian pop star were both spotted at the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party. But they were never seen together on camera.

To Conclude

On April 8, 2022, the single That’s Funny was made available to the public. The family friend Brooke Sansone is said to be the woman Charlie started dating in the summer of 2022.

On his 31st birthday, Charlie posted a series of adorable photos to Instagram of him and Brooke together, captioning them “Loser,” a reference to one of Charlie’s songs.

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