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What Happened To Chris Tyson’s Wife? MrBeast, A Popular YouTuber, Is Getting Hormone Replacement Therapy!

Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson tweeted a plea for assistance on May 16. The YouTube star, who has over 35 million subscribers and has given away millions of dollars in bizarre videos, reached out to his friends Christopher Tyson and Chandler Hallow to offer assistance.

You see, Tyson and Hallow are lacking a crucial feature of a modern influencer: the Instagram blue checkmark. You need mainstream media outlets to write about you or your content before the app will give you that coveted status symbol. As a YouTube-obsessed millennial with a public profile, I was eager to contribute to such a worthy cause.

A few days later, Chris, Chandler, and I hopped on a call to discuss work-life balance, dating in the age of the coronavirus, and content creation. Our complete, lightly-edited Q&A is provided below.

Chris Tyson Verifies That They Have Been Participating In HRT Treatment

The tweet “bro wtf happened” with two photos of Chris was posted on April 7 by a fan. When comparing the two pictures, you can tell that Chris has changed his outfit and hairstyle since the first one was taken.

Chris Tyson verifies that they have been participating in HRT treatment

HRT, and it’s only been 2 months,” Chris wrote after retweeting the original tweet. Hormone replacement therapy provides background. While Chris’s announcement did at first draw some harsh criticism, the vast majority of listeners were relieved to hear the good news.

Chris went into greater detail about their treatment in a few other tweets. Another user said, “My hairline and facial shape have already started to change,” and the author replied, “I agree.”

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Chris further tweeted, “I was super nervous to be public about this bc I’ve always been so private when it comes to this, but seeing conversations started bc of me is amazing.”

They also discussed the challenges they encountered while attempting these transformations: “It blows my mind that gnc [gender-nonconforming] people in a first-world country have to go through so much red tape to access gender-affirming medical care. Let people decide what they want to do with their bodies based on their own knowledge.”

MrBeast’s teammate Nolan Hansen responded to one of Chris’s tweets by saying, “Holy smokes I’m proud of you.” MrBeast responded to Chris’s tweet, too. “Gotchu, “He then added three heart emojis to his message.

Chris And Katie Tyson Tied The Knot In 2018. Asking If They’re Still A Couple

Fans have been curious as to whether or not Chris and Katie Tyson are still married given that he has been undergoing HRT. Whether or not Chris and Katie are still together is currently unknown.

Chris and Katie Tyson tied the knot in 2018. Asking if they're still a couple

The couple, who had previously posted photos of themselves as a couple on social media, tied the knot in 2018. They used to post together all the time, but that stopped in January of 2022. According to her Instagram bio, Katie is still legally known by Chris’s surname, Tyson.

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Does Chris Tyson Have Kids?

Chris and Katie had a baby boy, whom they named Tucker, in June 2020. They both seem to be spending a lot of time with their toddler, as evidenced by the numerous photos and videos they’ve posted to Instagram.

In response to the news that Chris was starting HRT, one Twitter user lamented, “There goes a father figure the kid won’t ever be able to look up to.”

Christopher thankfully provided the ideal response to the user: “If I have to leave for more than a couple of days to film, Tucker starts begging me to come back. He has a lot of supporters and positive emotions. Little ones aren’t born with malice; it’s taught by adults like you. Moreover, my unborn child will never be without my love.”

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