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Is Jenna Ortega In A Relationship? A Look Into Her Romantic Past!

After playing Wednesday Addams in the Netflix series of the same name, Jenna Ortega became an overnight sensation, and now everyone wants to know everything about her, from her acting career to her personal life.

The 20-year-old actress has established herself as our generation’s Scream Queen thanks to her numerous roles in horror films; however, it was her turn as Wednesday in the most recent of these that propelled her to the forefront of the public’s consciousness.

Fans of the Netflix dark comedy have been curious about Jenna’s love life despite the fact that her character, Xavier, is in a relationship with Tyler.

Is Jenna Ortega Dating Anyone?

The actress has kept mum about her dating life in general, but she did reveal her thoughts on dating in an interview with actor Dax Shepard on the Armchair Expert podcast. She said that she is not ready to date just yet because she is focusing on her career.

Is Jenna Ortega dating anyone

“Almost to the point where I have lost interest altogether,” Jenna admitted, “but I believe a significant portion of that has to do with my own sense of worth. To put it another way, I don’t know if I’m ready to trust someone enough to let myself be that open and vulnerable.”

She revealed to Dax her dating history: “For a couple of years, I was in a relationship before I decided to end it due to time constraints. For the time being, at least, I intend to devote most of my attention to my work, which is itself an area in which I could use some improvement.”

Who Is Jena Ortega’s Ex-Boyfriend Or Ex-Girlfriend? Numerous Rumors Have Circulated

After attending the official Just Jared’s Annual Halloween Party in 2018, rumors began circulating that Jenna was dating Asher Angel. They went as the then-couple Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson. The couple was then spotted attending a fashion show and the Venom premiere together.

No one knows for sure if Jenna and Asher were dating or if they were just friends for a while because they never confirmed their relationship status.

Who is Jena Ortega's ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend Numerous rumors have circulated

However, the actor talked about an “a couple of years” long relationship during a 2023 podcast interview for “Armchair Expert.” Due to the “too hectic” nature of their relationship, Jenna and her mystery partner broke up. If the rumored ex is anyone, it might be Asher, Elle hypothesized.

“It had nothing to do with them, it was just… I couldn’t manage,” Jenna explained to Dax Shepard, the show’s host.

Jenna continues to feel that having a relationship at this time wouldn’t “be fair” due to her hectic work schedule. The woman has a full schedule.

Rumors about Jenna and singer Jacob Sartorius surfaced in 2017 prior to the birth of Asher. Since neither of the two teenagers ever admitted to or denied having a romantic connection, it is unknown if they were in fact dating.

While they were hanging out, she ended up in one of Jacob’s music videos, for a song called “Chapstick.” Throughout the music video, there are hints that the two were flirtatious with one another and even shared a kiss at one point.

She Has Never Been Seen With A Man In Public

Despite being a child star and a public figure for over a decade, the now-20-year-old has never been linked publicly.

Fans are quick to assume that she is dating any boy she is seen with, despite the fact that she has never been romantically linked to anyone in her personal or professional life.

People assumed she had an affair in 2018 with Asher Angel, who starred in the DC film Shazam! and the Disney Channel series Andi Mack.

The rumors started after they attended a Halloween party dressed as Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, but they were actually just friends.

Her Stuck in the Middle co-star Isaak Presley and American singer Jacob Sartorius both got rumors of a relationship started.

When asked about these alleged ex-boyfriends on the Just Between Us podcast in 2019, Jenna emphatically stated, “According to the internet, I dated like six guys [but] I dated none of them.”

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