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Is Karol G Dating Feid? The Investigation Of Romance Rumors!

The attention is currently on Shakira and Gerard Piqué’s romance, which could be the media relations of 2022, but before that, there was Anuel AA and Karol G.

Karol is a Colombian singer known as La Bichota who has made worldwide songs alongside the biggest celebrities, such as Tusa with the Queen of Rap.

On the other side is Anuel, an urban musician recognized internationally for his catchy songs and flair, but for much of their relationship, there was a lot of media coverage, so everyone knew what the status of their relationship was.

Karol G And Feid Have Worked Together

The Spanish superstar and Shakira recently released a new song together. In addition, she released a song titled “FRIKI” with Feid. Fans have been clamoring for them to collaborate for a long time.

Karol G And Feid Have Worked Together

Salomón Villada Hoyos, also known as Feid, was one of the opening performers on her most recent Bichota tour. Fans believe they are dating because of his recent appearance and their collaborative work.

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When the music video for the song “FRIKI” was released, it was assumed that the two were dating because it depicted Karol G dancing on Feid. The Bichota tour began in October 2021, and the trip concluded in December 2021.

Are Feid And Karol G Dating?

As of now, neither Feid nor Karol G has made any formal statements regarding the dating rumors. It appears like their heated chemistry on stage was only for the cameras and the spectacle.

When asked about the rumors in the past, Feid responded, “If I had something to say, I’d say it, but I don’t.” We wrote a song together, I went on tour with her, and I adore her, but that’s all.

How Did The Public React To Karol G And Feid’s Steamy Performance?

The majority of people on social media are already convinced that something is going on between the two musicians. They had wonderful chemistry on stage, and many have been discussing the two people who appear to be dating on Twitter.

How Did The Public React To Karol G And Feid's Steamy Performance

One Twitter user stated, “Feid and Karol G need to make it official already, the chemistry between those two is just.” Another user stated, “I can’t stop thinking about Karol G and Feid, they’re so hot together.”

Then a third individual commented, “It’s over, I need a Feid and Karol G song asap, Rocky.” “I need a guy who will look at me the way Feid looks at Karol G,” another user remarked.

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Another user said, “Omfg I love Karol G & Feid.” Someone commented on social media, “Feid and Karol G last night, they need to stop playing and make it official.” “Feid and Karol G have my entire heart,” one fan said.

We Investigate Karol G’s Previous Relationships

Before dating Feid, the singer of “Don’t Be Shy” was in a relationship with Colombian songwriter Bull Nene. According to the US Sun, the two were together from February until September of 2018.

The Tusa singer was rumored to be dating fellow Colombian musician J Balvin in 2017, however, the two singers never confirmed their relationship. She is currently the longest and most serious member of Anuel AA.

Karol G dated singer Anuel AA for about three years back in the day. They met for the first time on the shoot of their “Culpables” music video in 2018. They began dating the following year. After a year, in their homemade music video for “Secreto,” they gave their fans a peek into their personal life.

They even got engaged in April 2019, however, their relationship ended in April 2021, after nearly three years together. They then announced their breakup on social media. Karol and her ex-boyfriend Anuel AA were not intended to stay together indefinitely.

During a live Instagram session at the time, Anuel informed everyone about their breakup. “The truth is that we’re not together,” he stated. People have seen us together because we still love each other. We both attempted to reclaim what had been lost but in different ways. May God bless her and assist her in pursuing her goals and objectives.”


The Egyptian singer added, “The amazing things that happened to us as people and artists were a blessing and the result of a beautiful love that came into our lives when we needed it the most.” I adore you, Emmanuel, and I’m grateful for you, your family, and everything we accomplished, grew from, and learned together.

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