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Is Love Alive In ‘You’ Season 4? Why They Are So Popular And Why Their Fans Love Them!

Fans have been wondering if Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), the ex-wife of Joe (Penn Badgley), is still alive ever since Netflix released the first photos and trailer for You Season 4, Part 2 in February. In the season three finale, Joe burned down his suburban home and left Love to die. How, then, did she manage to live?

Love is seen reading Rhys Montrose’s (Ed Speleers) book while chilling in one of Joe’s glass cages in the Season 4 trailer. She bobs her head up and greets Joe, sending fans’ imaginations into overdrive. Season 4 of You premiered on March 9, and if you’ve seen the last five episodes, you know that Love isn’t the only regular to return.

Joe’s first-season flame Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail) is also back and fiercer than ever. But are Joe’s exes STILL ALIVE? Is he experiencing a particularly disturbing dream? Could he be awake but experiencing hallucinations? Why the hell is this happening?!

Here, we’ll discuss the significance of Beck and Love’s cameos in Season 4. The following contains substantial spoilers for the second half of You Season 4.

Is Love Quinn Alive In You Season 4 Part 2?

Episode 9 of this season reveals that Love Quinn is dead, crushing the hopes of her many fans. To put it simply, Joe was having a hallucination when he saw her in the trailer and thought she was talking to him.

Joe has gone off the deep end at this point in the episode. To protect Marienne from what appears to be a severe allergic reaction, he locked her in a cage and is now desperately searching for the key.

Is Love Quinn alive in You season 4 part 2

In his mind, he is asking Love if she has the key. Love disregards his inquiry and instead they discuss their failed previous relationship. Joe tries to make amends with Love for murdering her, but Love insists that it’s simply who he is.

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Just before the hallucination fades away, Love gives Joe a gun and tells him that someone has to die for the world to finally end. Then she snatches the gun out of Joe’s hand, raises it to his head, and fires. Suddenly, Joe snaps out of his delusion.

When And Where Did Joe And Love First Meet?

In the premiere of You’s second season, Love walks right into Joe’s trap. The obsession, deception, and romantic roleplay that characterize their relationship from the start are only fitting.

Dottie (Saffron Burrows) and Ray (Michael Reilly Burke), the wealthy owners of the upscale grocery store chain Anavrin (which is not a knockoff of the fictional grocery store chain Erewhon), are Love’s parents. The word

When and where did Joe and Love first meet

“Anavrin” is actually Nirvana spelled backward. Joe happens to land a job at Anavrin, where he quickly wins over Love after aggressively stalking his way into the position. Love first meets Joe when he’s using his stolen name, Will Bettelheim.

Love, a trained chef, takes poor white Joe on a food tour to help him recover from his first LA sunburn. After collecting enough information to make an educated guess about Joe’s preferences,

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Love cooks up a roast chicken and vegetable meal for him. Joe’s romantic fortunes finally turn for the better when he finally gives in and falls in love. Hard.

What comes next is more convoluted. They have intense feelings for each other, and there are a lot of back-and-forths before Love comes up with their version of “I love you”: “I wolf you.” After some time, Love forgets about her first husband, the late James (Daniel Durant).

Does Season 4 Of ‘You’ Find Love Still Kicking? Why Do Followers Have Doubts?

Everything we knew about You Season 4 changed when Nadia discovered Marienne locked up in the eerie basement of a deserted building. Joe “let Marianne go” at the beginning of the season, but in Episode 8 we see what actually happened.

To completely rattle his psyche, he drugged her, kidnapped her, locked her in his glass box, and then slammed his head against it. After a head injury effectively severed his dual identities, Joe announced, “I’m not Joe,” smiled, and went on his merry way.

Joe takes a blow to the head, and later in the episode, Rhys tells him that he and Marienne are locked up somewhere, and Joe begs Rhys to let Marienne out. Joe restrains Rhys, tortures him for information, and then loses composure and kills him by accident.

While Joe mourns over Rhys’s body, a phantom Rhys enters the scene, he tells Joe, “You’ve been going crazy for quite a while. As you’ve already broken Marienne’s arm and knocked your head around. Since you abducted her, of course, you’ve been trying to force the two of them into a romantic relationship. It’s been simmering for a while, ever since you killed your wife and left your son.


Charlotte Ritchie, Tilly Keeper, Amy-Leigh Hickman, Ed Speleers, and Lukas Gage join series regulars Penn Badgley (Joe Goldberg) and Tati Gabrielle (Marianne Bellamy) in the main cast.

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