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Is Spice Really Pregnant? Gratitude For The Unbelievable Gift Of Life!

There were rumors that Spice had vanished after a botched plastic surgery procedure, but the reality is much more joyful: she is expecting a baby.

On Tuesday, the queen of dancehall revealed she was expecting by posting a photo of herself in an all-blue outfit, revealing a very pregnant belly. She captioned the photo, “Wow, God has been good to me. “

The pregnancy announcement follows speculation about her social media absence towards the end of last year. The gossip mill went into overdrive, coming up with stories like Spice had vanished or was in a coma after botched plastic surgery.

For those of you who may have missed it, she eventually set the record straight, revealing to her fans that she was not in a coma or dead but instead had been rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery after experiencing a ruptured hernia.

She explained at the time that she needed to rest and recuperate. It took her some time to conceive, too, so it’s no surprise that she’s beaming with happiness now that she is expecting a child. Although we don’t have an exact estimate of her pregnancy’s progress, it’s obvious from the photo that she’s well past the first trimester.

Is Spice Really Pregnant?

Spice has disproved rumors that she disappeared after botched plastic surgery by announcing that she is, in fact, pregnant.

On Tuesday, the Queen of Dancehall posted a selfie to Instagram showing her pregnant belly against an all-blue outfit. She thanked God for all of her good fortunes in the photo’s caption.

The rumors about her disappearance from social media late last year have only recently been put to rest by the pregnancy announcement. The gossip mill was on overdrive, spreading rumors that Spice had disappeared or was in a coma after undergoing botched plastic surgery.

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She eventually set the record straight, telling her fans that she was not in a coma or dead, but rather had suffered a ruptured hernia and undergone emergency surgery.

Spice Professional Origins

In 2000, Spice debuted after being asked to perform at the annual dancehall festival Sting. Even though it was her first major performance on stage, the crowd demanded several more performances from her. Spice established herself as a talented performer despite not having a smash record at this point in her career.

Spice Professional Origins

Spice was discovered by Baby Cham while on tour in the UK, and Baby Cham introduced Spice to legendary record producer Dave Kelly. She followed up her debut single, “Complain,” with “Right There” featuring Toi and “Hype” on the Bad Gal riddim, all for Kelly’s Madhouse Records label.

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She can be heard on “I Want I Do I Get” by Jimmy Cliff from his Black Magic (2004) album and on “Hot” by Beenie Man from his Concept of Life (2005) Album (2006). Spice’s first smash hit, “Fight Over Man,” was a dancehall smash because it was built on the legendary Eighty Five riddim. Having a baby in 2007 forced her to take a break from performing, but she returned to her career shortly after.

Spice Announced Her Pregnancy Only A Few Short Months After A Major Health Scare

Some of her fans were beginning to get worried about the Spanish Town native before she made her big pregnancy announcement. Spice went silent on social media for an extended period of time.

Some reports suggested that the talented performer was receiving medical attention after complications from a botched plastic surgery procedure, and TMZ reported that the rumors began circulating shortly after she disappeared. However, in November 2022, Spice broke her silence to inform her fans that she had been hospitalized for a ruptured hernia.

Spice Announced Her Pregnancy Only A Few Short Months After A Major Health Scare

With the caption, “I suffered a damage hernia a few days ago that sent my body into sepsis,” she shared a photo of herself praying before undergoing emergency surgery. I’ve been away from social media for a while to give my mind a rest, and I just found out that rumors about my health scare

including that I had a heart attack, was put into a coma, and died—were all false. Spice continued, “But I’m still recovering from what really happened, so thanks so much for all the prayers and concerns, please take great care of yourself, eat, live, love, and laugh, like it’s your last day.

Final Words

Spice, the undisputed queen of the dancehall, is expecting her first child. The star of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta has been missing from social media for some time, leading to speculation that something went wrong during her plastic surgery. On Tuesday, the woman, who is 40 years old, shared the news that she was expecting (March 14).

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