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Jaheim Net Worth 2023: How Is This Well-Known Person Spending Her Fortune?

According to The Netline, Jaheim has abandoned the projects that came his way and is now making ends meet by driving for Uber.

He also offers free rides to his fans and expresses apprehension about returning to the studio. When asked about his apparent physical change,

Jaheim says it’s due solely to his decision to abstain from eating meat, rather than the unfounded rumors that he’s been abusing drugs.

Quick Facts About Jaheim

Full Name:Jaheim Hoagland
Celebrated Name:Jaheim
Born:May 26, 1978
Birth Place:New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States
Birth Sign:Gemini
Height:1.91 meter
Weight:80 kg
Marital Status:Not Married
Profession:R&B Singer
Net Worth:$8 million

Early Life

Jaheim’s birthday is May 26th, 1978, and he was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey. He spent his childhood in a low-income neighborhood in the city. At age 3, he tragically lost his father.

Well, he did a set of songs from back in the day. True, he appeared on multiple occasions as a performer at their annual family gathering’s special events. Even more impressive is the fact that at the tender age of 15, he entered and won three separate contests.

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In 2001, He recorded his debut album, titled “Ghetto Love (2001),” with Divine Ill Records, and all of his subsequent albums have had the word “Ghetto” in the title (2006). The Diary of a Teenage Girl (2007), Another Round (2010), Appreciation Day (2013), and Struggle, Love! (2016).

He was responsible for such chart-topping hits as “Lil Nigga Isn’t One,” “Should It Be,” “Anything,” “I Ain’t Leaving Without You,” “Fabulous,” “Age Isn’t a Factor,” and “Back in My Arms.”

Jaheim Career

He formed his own band, titled “Julie’s Dream Music Group,” in 1997 and revived it in 2002. A music group signed a contract with GG Records in 2015.

At the young age of 15, he won three awards at the Pollo Talent Show. In 2003, he was shortlisted for the American Music Award in the category of Favorite Soul/Rock and Roll Song. He was nominated for a Grammy in 2011 for his album “Another Round,” which was released that year. The album was in the R&B/soul genre.

For the album “Finding My Way Back,” he was also nominated for a Grammy in the categories of Best R&B Performance by a Female Artist and Best R&B Song. Іn 2002, е wа nоmnаtеd fоr a Soul Train Music Award for the album “Just in Case” in the categories of Best R&B/Soul Single and Best R&B/Soul Album.

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In 2003, Hakim’s album “Still Ghetto Love” was nominated for a Soul Train Music Award in the category “Best R&B/Soul Album” (Single). In 2004, After the release of his album “Put That Woman First,” he was nominated for a Soul Train Music Award in the category of Best R&B/Soul Single. Also in 2010, he was nominated for a Soul Train Music Award for his album “Self” in the category of Best Selling R&B/Soul Album.

Personal Life

As an introvert, Jaheim prefers to keep to himself. When asked about his background, he was cagey. We don’t know anything about his personal life or relationships at this time. Nonetheless, Jaheim currently resides in Hillsborough Township, New Jersey.

Jaheim Net Worth

Jaheim, an American singer, and rapper is worth $8 million. He entered this world as Jaheim Hoagland in 1978, having been born in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

His grandfather, a major player in the music business, was his primary caretaker throughout his childhood. Jaheim always had a love for music and began singing as a child, eventually becoming a talent show winner. Net worth is simply the sum of one’s assets minus one’s debts.

Money, property, and other material possessions are examples of assets. Subtract everything you own from the total value to get this number. The wealth is not calculated on a yearly basis.


Jaheim’s big break came after he performed a demo for the proprietors of a Newark, New Jersey boutique called Naughty Gear. Kier “KayGee” Gist of the hip-hop group Naughty by Nature, whose store was featured in the demo, owned the business.

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