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Jennifer Love Hewitt: Pregnant Again? In What Combination Of Relationships Does She Have Children?

The fictional Station 118 of the Los Angeles Fire Department is the focus of the FOX drama series 9-1-1. Hewitt’s character, Maddie Buckley (formerly Maddie Kendall), is the sister of her brother, Evan “Buck” Buckley, a firefighter in Los Angeles. Maddie is a nurse and 911 dispatcher by trade.

After taking a three-year break from acting following the death of her mother, Patricia Hewitt, in 2012, Hewitt spoke to The Los Angeles Times in 2018, explaining why she joined 9-1-1 as her first role. “I needed time to myself to grieve the loss of my mother. She reflected, “I had to learn how to be a mother;

I had to learn how to be a wife. There was so much going on in my life that I needed time and room to just be by myself. I’ve appreciated the time off, and in the recent months since returning to acting, I feel like it’s done a wonderful thing for me by making my acting and entertainment work feel less like “It’s everything all the time” than it did before.

Along with becoming a mother of three, Hewitt’s life has been turned upside down since she made her acting comeback in 9-1-1. In 2021, she gave birth to her third child, Aidan; the same year Maddie had her first child, Jee-Yun. Is it possible that Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character, Maddie, was also pregnant during 9-1-1? To find out more about Jennifer Love Hewitt’s pregnancy on 9-1-1, continue reading.

Is Jenifer Love Hewitt Expecting A Child In 2023?

In March of 2023, Jennifer Love Hewitt is not expecting a child. Fans were worried that she might be pregnant again during her time away from 9-1-1.

Is Jenifer Love Hewitt Expecting A Child In 2023

Jennifer Love has not gotten pregnant again, despite speculation that she might in 2023. In May 2021, the actress announced her own pregnancy, but in the show, her character Maddie found out about her pregnancy at a later date.

We had always been open to a third, but we didn’t really expect it would be at this time given the wild year the entire globe was having, Jennifer had to say. To this point, I’d say we’ve done a good job of raising two distinct kids who’ll make great examples. Having another little one around to help with these tasks has been a wonderful, wonderful, unexpected blessing. (information courtesy of the media referee)

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Jennifer Love Hewitt, A Mother Of Three, Reportedly Expecting Another Child

Stop hoping for a miracle if you want Jennifer Love Hewitt to get pregnant; she’s not. Some 9-1-1 fans are already hoping that Maddie will get pregnant so that she can appear for the full season.

Consider the fact that we were caught off guard when Maddie suddenly disappeared in an episode broadcast in October of 2021. Who else was also unprepared? Jee-Yun was born to Chimney and her family.

Jennifer Love Hewitt, A Mother Of Three, Reportedly Expecting Another Child

Postpartum depression was a real issue for Maddie, and she made the right call in seeking help for it. I’m glad she managed to leave a message for Chimney. “I can only imagine how perplexed, how hurt, and how terrified you are right now. Not sure what to say. No need to call the cops or track me down. Neither my life nor my freedom is in jeopardy, “She put pen to paper.

“But I cannot guarantee Jee’s safety. Don’t worry about it now; I trust you to look after her properly. She’s much happier without me, too. In a nutshell: I adore you. I’m so sorry, and I love you both very much.”

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Maddie’s Experience With Postpartum Depression Aided Jennifer Love Hewitt In Her Own Battle With The Condition

Jennifer told TVLine that she found out she was pregnant around the time she heard Maddie would be expecting as well.”I also ended up sort of being on my own postpartum journey as I was filming her postpartum episodes,” she said. “It was extremely useful. When it came to my postpartum recovery, I had to prioritize Maddie.

In [that role], I was able to express all of my feelings without feeling overwhelmed by them. That made it easier for me to persevere in the real world, and I did so much sooner than I otherwise would have. For that, I will be eternally grateful.

The postpartum thyroiditis that Maddie was experiencing was a “treatable condition in which a person’s thyroid becomes inflamed after giving birth,” as stated by TV Line. Jennifer admired how attentive everyone was as they tried to figure out what was happening during Maddie’s birth.

Female viewers may reflect, “I’ve been feeling weird, maybe I need to go ask for that and look more into that.” Or, “Reach out to people and say, ‘I’m not feeling right,’ and they will have to pay attention.”

Final Words

Fox’s hit series 9-1-1 is the one to watch if you enjoy procedural dramas of any kind. The lives of dispatchers, firefighters, police officers, and others who work in emergency services under intense pressure are examined.

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