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Jimin Of BTS Believes That Music Can Bridge Cultural Divides!

“Freedom was the central idea.” This is a quote from Jimin’s interview with Consequence about his upcoming single “Set Me Free Pt.2,” but it could just as easily apply to his brand new album FACE, which is out today, March 24th. Prepare to be entertained as Jimin now steals the spotlight.

The member of BTS is well-known for many reasons, but perhaps the most notable is his status as one of the most fascinating performers of our day, thanks to a stage presence that combines athleticism and delicacy developed through years of ballet and modern dance training. Several of the most striking high notes and harmonies in BTS’s repertoire are the work of his airy, acrobatic voice.

He seems to be the type of artist who has strong emotions and is known for his generosity and thoughtfulness. But, FACE is an entirely different ballgame, and it raises the issue for both seasoned listeners and newcomers to BTS: Who is Jimin when he’s by himself?

Check Out Jimin’s Latest Surreal Music Video, “Like Crazy”

The video begins with Jimin at a gathering then cuts to him, later, in the kitchen, where he is alone and the lights are dim. The video then follows the performer as he performs the synth-pop song in both settings.

Check Out Jimin's Latest Surreal Music Video, Like Crazy

In ‘Like Crazy,’ he says, “I’d rather be lost in the lights. Lost in the lights / I’m outta my mind / Please hold onto the end of this night / Each night, you spin me up high / The moon embraces you / Give me a taste.”

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In the week leading up to the release of “Like Crazy,” Jimin released the song “Set Me Free Pt.2,” accompanied by a dark music video. Both of those songs can be found on the singer’s new solo album, titled “FACE,” which is available now.

Jimin’s BTS bandmate RM collaborated on two tracks on ‘FACE,’ especially the songs “Face Off” and “Like Crazy.” Pdogg and GHSTLOOP, two of BTS’s regular producing partners, also contributed to the album.

What Ways Did You Get Ready For The Release Of Your First Solo Album, “Face?”

In writing “Face,” I reflected on my own life and the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. By the beginning of 2022, I got down to the serious business of making the album. The guys of [BTS] encouraging me to attempt expressing my diverse thoughts and feelings into music was a major motivation for me to create the album.

The impending worldwide release of my album has me so anxious that I physically feel like I’m shaking. This is my first solo record, and I’m curious as to how it will be received. The suspense, though, is very enjoyable.

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Achievement BTS Has Had Since Its Inception In 2013?

With the help of our devoted audience, I was able to live out a surreal fantasy. Whether it’s a Grammy nomination or topping Billboard’s main Hot 100 chart, I never take any of it for granted because it’s all because of the “Army” [BTS fans] who believe in our music and support our shows.

Because of the inspiring, heartfelt encouragement I’ve received. I feel driven to give it my all and make the most of every opportunity.


Jimin’s voice has been called soft and pleasant. Members of BTS and the K-pop community at large consider him to be a phenomenal dancer, frequently praising his “smooth and beautiful motions” and charisma while performing.

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