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Kanye West Took To Instagram Once More To Thank Jonah Hill For Rekindling His Appreciation For Jewish People!

Kanye West returned to Instagram late on a Friday night to share another divisive rant about Jews. It’s unclear whether he was being sarcastic or telling the truth, but his words have the potential to re-irritate those who have already taken exception to him.

We have no idea what Jonah Hill will think after being mentioned in the same sentence as Kanye West, a sentiment shared by very few celebrities in recent years. Since the actor is Jewish, he probably doesn’t approve of Kanye’s recent comments about the Jewish community. However, Jonah’s friendship with the rapper may make him feel betrayed.

Film Screening Hosted By Kanye West

We’re not denying that the ’21 Jumpstreet’ reboot starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum breathed new life into the series that Johnny Depp had started. One of the funniest movies of the millennium, and it deserves a wider audience. However, Kanye West’s opinion on the matter is completely out of the left field.

Film screening hosted by Kanye West

His words were as follows: “After seeing Jonah Hill in 21 Jump Street, I found myself warming up to Jews once more. No one should take their frustration with one or two people and project it onto the rest of humanity. Knowing that Jesus was Jewish makes it impossible for Christians to be anti-Semitic. I appreciate it, Jonah Hill What can I say?”

Jonah Hill is currently absent from all social media, making it impossible to ascertain his feelings regarding Kanye West’s latest evaluation. But the film’s directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are no doubt active on social media, and they seemed to take the praise in stride.

It’s tough to tell when Kanye West is serious and when he’s joking, as we’ve mentioned before. Nobody else gets his jokes but him. Jonah Hill is a huge supporter, but the filmmakers’ opinions are unknown. Jonah Hill has made it a point to keep up with urban culture so he can better understand what Kanye is getting at. Perhaps that helped Kanye see that not all Jews are evil in his mind.

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Kanye West Says Jonah Hill ‘Made Me Like Jewish People Again

Kanye West is getting back on Twitter to give an update on how he’s feeling about the Jewish community. In an Instagram post published on Friday (March 24), the rapper and fashion mogul who now goes by Ye said that actor Jonah Hill’s performance in 21 Jump Street had changed his mind about antisemitism.

Kanye West Says Jonah Hill ‘Made Me Like Jewish People Again

Since making a series of antisemitic comments in late 2022, Ye has largely avoided social media. Ye tweeted on October 16 2022 that he was going to go “death con 3” on Jewish people after receiving criticism for wearing a “White Lives Matter” T-shirt to Paris Fashion Week in October 2022. This kicked off a series of interviews filled with hate speech, the most disturbing of which was his appearance on Alex Jones’s InfoWars, where he reportedly said, “I see good things about Hitler,” among other hateful rhetoric.

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The Anti-Defamation League published a report in February linking Ye’s barrage of anti-Jewish statements to 30 separate “antisemitic incidents” over the course of the previous several months.

These incidents, the report says, “show the ongoing influence of Ye’s conspiratorial, bigoted rants.” These incidents include “vandalism, banner drops, targeted harassment, and campus propaganda distributions.”

South Park’s new season 26 premiere poked fun at the ongoing controversy by having Cupid Ye fly around shooting antisemitic hearts at various characters.


Superbad (2007) and Get Him to the Greek (2010) cemented Jonah Hill’s reputation as a comedic actor and writer in the United States (2010). The actor-turned-filmmaker studied at New York University, where he also produced plays and met Dustin Hoffman.

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