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“Kate Middleton’s Growing Family: Is Baby Number Four On The Way? Here’s What We Know!

Kate Middleton’s rumored pregnancy with baby number 4 has been revealed early, according to sources close to the couple. Reports of Kate Middleton’s rumored plans for baby number 4 have been confirmed by a close source.

This information about the couple’s future plans was revealed by an insider with close ties to the royal institution.

Apparently, the senior Royals are quietly aware of their plan and are just thrilled at the prospect, as reported by Marie Claire.”Having a baby is the best way to boost morale and make people optimistic about the future.

It is everyone’s fondest wish that Kate will soon find herself pregnant, expanding their already lovely family and warming the hearts of all their loved ones.

Kate Middleton Is Pregnant?

New legislation is pending final approval that will make the child, regardless of gender, the heir to the British throne.

Due to severe morning sickness known as hyperemesis gravidarum, the duchess was taken to King Edward VII Hospital in London today, the palace confirmed.

Apparently, Prince William has visited his wife in the hospital. This was reported by the British Press Association. A royal source close to the duke and duchess claims that Kate is only about 12 weeks along in her pregnancy.

A palace source has revealed that after the duchess was admitted to the hospital, the couple decided to announce the pregnancy to the public.

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Evidently, The News Was Very Exciting For The Royal Family

“Respected Royals, It is with great joy that The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge share the news of The Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy, “a statement released by the palace today said. All of the royals, including the Queen, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince of Wales, Prince of Wales’s wife, Duchess of Cornwall, and Prince Harry, are overjoyed by the announcement.

Evidently, The News Was Very Exciting For The Royal Family

British Prime Minister David Cameron also reacted to the big news, telling the BBC, “It’s absolutely wonderful news and I’m sure everyone around the country will be celebrating with them tonight.”

In an interview with BBC, the prime minister revealed that he had learned “A note was passed to me during a meeting. It was challenging to keep the secret, I’ll admit.”

Kate Middleton Is Pregnant, The Palace Confirms; Everyone Please Remain Calm

Post-smelling-salts: British news outlet SkyNews announced the happy news via Twitter at four in the afternoon in London, or eleven in the morning in the United States. Clarence House quickly confirmed the report to the AP. The official website for Will and Kate also confirms although the page devoted to the announcement immediately crashed; the following is the official statement from the British royal family.

Kate Middleton Is Pregnant, The Palace Confirms; Everyone Please Remain Calm

There have been rumors for weeks that Prince William would be leaving the Royal Air Force, that Kate and Will would be moving in together, and that the duchess would be very belly-hiding as she went about London.

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Kate also got bangs, which the adorably exaggerated Daily Mail interpreted as a sign of a major life transition. Our educated guess is that Kate is four months along in her pregnancy, making her due date sometime in April or May of this year.

About the time they would have celebrated their second wedding anniversary, which would have been a departure from the norm for modern royals like Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana, who both gave birth within the first year of their marriages.

Final Words

At this point in her pregnancy, the Duchess has been adhering to all the proper Royal protocol. She has been following protocol, from not saying what gender the baby is to announcing her pregnancy. There is at least one rule that Kate Middleton adhered to during her pregnancy that she apparently will not.

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