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Lack Of Humanity: The Tragic Killing Of A Homeless Man In St. Louis Sparks Community Outcry!

In St. Louis, a man was filmed approaching a homeless man who was sitting on the curb and shooting him to death. The suspect is seen loading his handgun while standing behind the homeless man, who is distracted. A moment later, the suspect steps forward, gun pointed at the back of the homeless man’s head. The camera cuts away at the precise moment gunfire is heard.

Several hours later, police apprehended 23-year-old Deshawn Thomas as he attempted to enter a library. First-degree murder charges have been filed against him. Police say the incident began with a verbal dispute between the two men at a gas station earlier that day.

The victim, a man in his forties named David Saldana, was identified by police as a homeless person and KMOV was told that he was likely living on the streets. The police have not revealed whether or not the two men were acquainted prior to the fight and subsequent death.

Thomas was said to have fled the scene before being apprehended later that day with a firearm and spent shell casings still on him.

Witnesses posted the 45-second video to social media, where it was picked up and spread by influential accounts like the Libs of TikTok. Although many of the videos (and the original) have been removed, a good number are still accessible online. With over 16 million views on the Libs of TikTok tweet alone, the video of the man’s death has gone viral.

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Who Is Deshawn Thomas? 

Deshawn Thomas was arrested on Tuesday and charged with murder in connection with the Monday shooting death of David Saldana in a St. Louis street.

Police in St. Louis said they caught 23-year-old suspect Thomas outside the Olive Street library after he fled the scene of a crime.

Who Is Deshawn Thomas

A witness filmed the shooting as it occurred just after 10 a.m. on the sidewalk in front of the Globe Building. Saldana is seen sitting on the side of the road with his hands over his ears as a man stands over him.

After a brief conversation on what appears to be a cell phone, the man shoots Saldana once in the head. They say that when they arrested Thomas, they found a gun and a spent shell casing in his possession.

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On Tuesday, A Bystander Video Of The Murder Spread Online, Despite Several Versions Being Removed By Social Media Companies Like Twitter

During the course of the footage, cars drive by and at least one pedestrian walks past while two men stand over Saldana, who is lying on the Tucker curb.

While the other man struggles to load his gun, he leaves. A brief cell phone conversation ensues before the gun is loaded and Saldana is shot once in the head. When the video’s narrator says, “He just (expletive) killed him!”, that’s the end of the clip.

Who Was The Man Who Was Shot Dead In The Street? New Information Emerges As A Video Stuns The Internet

After shooting and killing the homeless man, the perpetrator ran away but was caught a short time later in a public library. Eyewitnesses reported feeling terrified at seeing the incident unfold in broad daylight. Some witnesses also said they saw the two men fighting just outside the gas station before the shooting.

The victim was later named David Saldana, according to the St. Louis Dispatch. The victim was reportedly in his forties, a detail shared by multiple media outlets.

Who Was The Man Who Was Shot Dead In The Street New Information Emerges As A Video Stuns The Internet

Thomas Deshawn’s criminal history has not yet been determined by the police. The shooting’s motivation has also been a mystery.
Many people in St. Louis criticized Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner after the video went viral, calling for her to resign because of the rising crime rate in the city.

After a recent incident in which a felon named Daniel Riley struck a volleyball player with his car, causing the girl to lose both of her legs, the backlash has grown more intense.

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