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Who Is Laura Linney, Best Friend Of Brooke Shields? Family And Friendship!

Pretty Baby, a documentary narrated by Brooke Shields, reveals the actress’s honest reflections on her life’s ups and downs.

She recalled being sexually assaulted after her first kiss when she was eleven years old. The actress has also spoken publicly about her friendship with fellow actress Laura Linney. Throughout their childhood, they were inseparable companions.

The star of Bule Lagoon posted a nostalgic photo of the cast on her social media accounts. This paragraph specifies the nature of the friendship between the two celebrities.

Who Is Laura Linney, Brooke Shields’s Best Friend?

Former best friend and fellow actress Laura Linney have known Brooke Shields since they were children. She’s the proud recipient of several trophies, including four Emmys and two Globes.

Who Is Laura Linney, Brooke Shields's Best Friend

This 1990 was the beginning of her professional career as a three-time Oscar nominee. She’s been in dozens of movies and TV shows since then.

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Linney has become well-known thanks to her appearances in such films and television shows as The Big C, The Savages, Kinsey, You Can Count On Me, and Ozark. The number of roles Laura has played totals 75. There are three films that she produced. She is also a director, as evidenced by the designation next to her name.

How Brooke Shields And Laura Linney Got Together

Star of Suddenly Susan reminisced about her time on the set. In a throwback photo posted to Instagram on February 7, 2020, she and actress Laura Linney revealed their friendship from their younger years. Shields and Linney’s young selves are pictured in this sweet snapshot together.

How Brooke Shields And Laura Linney Got Together

Laura is wearing a white top with bright bottoms, while Brooke is dressed in a dark T-shirt and denim. They’re both seated on what looks like a swing. The two girls turn their backs to one another and smile as they strike a pose.

Shields captioned the photo with the phrase “went way back into the archives for this one #tbt with @itsmelauralinney.” It was only a day after Laura Linney turned 56 when Shields made his announcement. There were a few gasps when it was revealed that two well-known figures shared such a lengthy history.

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More than 34,000 people liked the post, and hundreds of people commented, many of them famous actors and actresses, praising their closeness and describing how adorable they are together.

“This may be the sweetest picture I’ve ever seen,” Mariska Hargitay said of it. Ali Wentworth, an actress, remarked to Brooke, “You were cute.”

Prominent Playwright And Eminent Scholar Laura Linney’s Progeny

Laura Linney, an early friend of Brooke Shields’, entered the world on February 5, 1964, in Manhattan, New York City. She was born to Miriam Anderson and Romulus Zachariah Linney IV.

Laura’s mother was a nurse at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. However, her father was a prominent academic and playwright. The Big C star used to spend her summers in New Hampshire with her father, and it was there that she discovered her passion for acting.

In quick succession, Laura found a job with the community theater. Her grandfather is the late Republican U.S. congressman Romulus Zachariah Linney. She is related to Susan on her mother’s side.

Laura Linney is a drug and alcohol counselor’s wife, and her husband’s name is Marc Schauer. The happy couple tied the knot in May of 2009 and are now parents to a son.

To Conclude

The thought that “I hope she’s okay” has been with her “for a long time,” she continued. Linney, a close friend of Shields, witnessed Brooke’s mother’s polarizing personality and terrifying drunkenness firsthand.

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