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Lightning And Tornadoes Have Wreaked Havoc On Oklahoma, Leaving At Least Two People Dead And Nearly 20,000 Without Electricity

More than a dozen tornadoes reportedly hit across three states Wednesday evening, killing at least two people in Oklahoma and trapping others, and leaving thousands without power.

According to CNN, Deputy Scott Gibbons of the McClain County Sheriff’s Office, the death toll and number of injured people could rise in Cole as search and rescue efforts continue and damage assessments are conducted.

Gibbons added that first responders have heard from concerned citizens that some shelter residents are stuck inside. He also noted that search teams must contend with roads that are strewn with downed power lines and other debris. He stated that a 10-mile corridor had been systematically searched.

The same system that produced severe storms on Wednesday will move eastward on Thursday, posing a severe storm threat for more than 50 million people from Texas to Wisconsin.

The states of Oklahoma, Kansas, and Iowa all experienced storms on Wednesday, but Oklahoma appeared to be the worst affected. On Thursday morning, around 20,000 buildings across the state woke up to find that they had no electricity.

Cole, a town of over 600 people located about 30 miles south of Oklahoma City, was reportedly hit by a tornado, and it appears to have been one of the most significant.

Praise God, Everyone Seems To Be Okay

Shawnee, a city of around 30,000 people in Pottawatomie County about 60 miles east of Cole, reported a large and very dangerous tornado. The National Weather Service in Norman reported that the storm was moving erratically north of the city at 10 p.m. on Wednesday.

Thursday classes in the Shawnee Public Schools district were canceled, the district announced on Facebook. The executive director of the assisted living facility Brookdale Senior Living in Shawnee, Oklahoma, Shelee Stewart, reported that more than 30 residents had to be evacuated after water entered the building through blown-out windows.

Praise God, Everyone Seems To Be Okay

According to Stewart’s KOCO interview, “We’ve been blessed everybody is alive,” and he added that no major injuries were reported.

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Stewart called the staff who led residents to safety in the bathrooms during the storm “heroes,” adding that some of them were scratched up a bit.

The Pottawatomie County emergency management agency asked residents to stay inside as crews responded to the storms, saying that it would slow down the response.

Death Toll Rises To 2 After Tornadoes Rip Through Oklahoma

Cole, a town of roughly 600 people located south of Oklahoma City, is where the deaths were reported, according to the police. The National Weather Service warned that the dangerous weather system was in part due to its “erratically” unpredictable behavior.

Authorities report at least two deaths as a result of the multiple tornadoes that were spawned by a storm system in and around the Oklahoma City metropolitan area on Wednesday night.

Death Toll Rises To 2 After Tornadoes Rip Through Oklahoma

Overnight, Deputy Scott Gibbons of the McClain County Sheriff’s Office said by phone that both deaths had occurred in or near Cole, a town of roughly 600 people located south of the city. He estimated that a “considerable number” of homes had been destroyed and that the storm’s damage path was a couple of miles wide and about 10 miles long.

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Deputy Gibbons added that he did not yet know how many people were injured elsewhere in the county.

According to National Weather Service meteorologist Ryan Barnes, several tornadoes touched down in and around the Oklahoma City area on Wednesday, with one even being recorded for a few minutes within the city’s borders. Survey teams planned to investigate the damages. According to him, the longest and strongest one ever recorded lasted in Cole for almost half an hour.

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