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Lindsay Lohan Is Expecting Her First Child: “Grateful And Ecstatic!

The 36-year-old Hollywood actress posted a picture of a onesie with the caption “Coming soon” on her Instagram account on March 14. ‘We are blessed and excited,’ she gushed.

Lindsay and her husband, a banker who does not work in the entertainment industry, have been married for almost a year. When Lindsay moved to Dubai almost seven years ago, she met Paris, who gave the soon-to-be mother some lovely advice about raising children.

I’m thrilled for her. It’s wonderful to watch her and all of my other friends establish themselves as adults and start families of their own, and my only piece of advice is to enjoy every second of it. Just look at how cute it is! “she told Access Hollywood at her book party for “Paris: The Memoir.”

Additionally, she said “Everyone keeps remarking on how quickly they develop. So, I’m trying to savor these fleeting moments with my newborn son while he’s still a tiny bundle of joy and we’re just snuggling.

“He’s So Happy,” Dina Noted, Of Shammas

Dina told PEOPLE that her daughter is already showing, though she would not confirm a due date (“I cannot tell, I will be in trouble!”).

Dina also did not reveal whether Lindsay was having a boy or girl, but now claims to be able to tell. The nursery is completely white, so that doesn’t tell you anything, as Dina likes to joke.

He's So Happy Dina Noted, Of Shammas

Dina claims to be in constant contact with her daughter Lindsay, who is married to Shammas, 36, despite the fact that the couple currently resides in Dubai. “Mommy, what does this mean?” she asks. As of right now, I have these sentiments. ‘What is this?'” A statement made by Dina. “Each morning, we perform this ritual. “What are your emotions like?”

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Aliana Lohan, Michael Lohan, and Dakota Lohan, Dina’s sons, are also in the conversation. The couple “texts daily, like 10 times a day,” says Dina. “The humor just keeps coming. Two of them will be having a conversation, and then the third will join in. Of course, as the mother, I refrain from taking part in any of the drama.”

Dina didn’t share much about the delivery strategy either, but she did promise to be by Lindsay’s side no matter what. ‘I’ll be there,’ she assures PEOPLE. “Absolutely. If it happens, I will definitely attend.”

What Does It All Even MEAN!?

We still don’t know what to make of this whole scandal. Do we believe she’s pregnant, or is she just playing games with him to get him back? What’s the status of her relationship?

According to The Sun, on Sunday the London police were called to Lindsay’s Kensington home due to a disturbance. The police apparently tried to force entry into her home, as evidenced by the scuffed and dented state of the front door.

What Does It All Even MEAN!

Considering that Lindsay had posted a photo of herself and Egor kissing and hugging while swimming in the ocean just a few days earlier, this illustrates how quickly things can change in a relationship.

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While there are many unanswered questions, it appears that something is happening between Lindsay and Egor; if it’s not a baby, it’s probably a breakup.

Well, I Guess Congrats

From her infamous botched pouty lips to her engagement to a Russian millionaire, Lindsay Lohan’s life makes zero sense to us. But her recent social media breakdown may go down in history as the strangest Lindsay flipout to date, and we have no idea what to make of it.

The actress publicly shamed her fiance Egor for going out to a nightclub with another woman, who she called a “hooker,” in a series of vicious social media posts just days before announcing her pregnancy.

The alleged “hooker” is revealed to be Dasha Pashevkina, a (former) friend of the troubled star who is actually a fashion designer.


On Tuesday, Lindsay shared the news of her pregnancy on Instagram, writing, “We are blessed and excited!” Her and her husband, Bader Shammas, are expecting their first child. Since her mother and I both have a soft spot for children, I’m not surprised that Lindsay feels the same way. I’m the oldest of four.

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