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Madison Bailey, Of “Outer Banks,” And Her Boyfriend Met On The Video-Sharing App!

Actress Madison Bailey, fresh off her breakthrough role in the now-canceled CW superhero series Black Lightning, has landed a starring role in Outer Banks.

On Thursday, February 23, the third season of the science fiction thriller was released on the streaming platform, and we immediately began our binge.
Madison, who plays Kiara Carrera, and Rudy Pankow, who plays JJ Maybanks, are two of the most popular actors from previous seasons who will be back for the 2023 season of Outer Banks. Jiara shippers are eager to find out if Madison is single in real life upon the show’s return.

Madison’s been with her partner since 2020, so any suitors out there will be disappointed to learn that they can no longer slide into her DMs. Continue reading to find out what happens next in their romance! Mariah Linney and Madison Bailey

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Who Is Madison Bailey Dating?

Mariah Linney, Madison’s girlfriend, is a native of Goose Creek, a small city about 18 miles from Charleston. She played varsity basketball at UNC Charlotte while majoring in sociology after she graduated from a local high school.

Madison and the college athlete made their relationship public on the platform where they had first connected: social media. After Mariah tagged the actress in a sexually suggestive TikTok, things quickly escalated.

who is madison bailey dating

Don’t mind me, it’s just Mariah staring at Madison Bailey, she captioned the photo. She included the actress’s name in the post’s tags, guaranteeing that Madison would see it.

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Soon after, Madison sang a duet with Mariah in response to her advances. The rest, as they say, is history.”I invited you to come to hang out with me at the hotel where I was staying in Charleston. It’s cool, we can hang out and have a conversation. We can’t really go anywhere because everything is closed. After that, she suddenly relocated to Los Angeles “In a June 2020 interview, Madison reflected on the incident.

The actress from the Outer Banks made her love for Mariah public a month after they met online in a TikTok video set to the song “I’m not falling, you’re falling” by Owen Cave. This news came just one month after Madison revealed her pansexuality to her followers. Mariah informed her TikTok audience of her relationship with Madison.

It’s True That She Used To Play Hoops Professionally

Linney first picked up a basketball when she was a kid and continued to play for many years. She was crowned Miss Basketball for the state of South Carolina by the High School Sports Report during her senior year of high school.

Aside from being named the Post and Courier Player of the Year in Charleston and the USA Today High School Sports State Player of the Year, she won a number of other awards for her basketball prowess during high school. She continued her basketball career at UNC Charlotte, where she started as a guard and will finish her career in 2021.

Linney retired from basketball after her final season with the 49ers, stating on Instagram, “I never thought I would see the day basketball came to an end for me because it was my dream growing up to play professionally but I am ready to take the next step in my life & find my other passion.”

Final Words

In 2023, Madison Bailey is single, so who is she dating? The dating pool for Madison is now closed. She is currently dating Mariah Linney, a former basketball player for the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. During the year 2020, they connected on the viral video platform TikTok.

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