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Mike Woods, The Weatherman On Fox 5, Is Going On Leave Again Due To Health Issues!

Lead anchors Rosanna Scotto and Bianca Peters, traffic reporter Ines Rosales, entertainment reporter Ryan Kristafer, and weather anchor Mike Woods have earned the respect and affection of Good Morning New York’s many viewers.

There’s no getting rid of these five hosts; they’re mainstays on the show and household names among network viewers. They are an integral part of the morning news and their absence causes a stir when viewers notice something is missing.

The weatherman Mike Woods has been missing for a while now. His followers noticed his absence instantly and began demanding Mike’s return. What ended up happening to Mike Woods? Since Mike Woods has been absent for several weeks, ‘Good Day New York’ has felt incomplete.

Who Is Mike Woods?

Mike Woods is an excellent meteorologist and “Good Day New York” feature reporter for Fox 5. And he has extensive experience reporting on extreme weather phenomena such as blizzards, hurricanes, heat waves, tornadoes, etc.

Mike has been recognized by NATAS, which has resulted in an Emmy nomination, for providing the best weather forecast. Mike is also a generous philanthropist who has given to a wide variety of causes in the past. As a recipient of the black media legends awards, he is a vocal supporter of black men’s rights.

What Happened To Mike Woods?

If you’re familiar with Mike’s Instagram, you know that he frequently shares updates about his life with his followers and patrons. Whether it’s photos from a recent trip or exclusive footage from the Fox 5 set, he never hesitates to let his followers into his life.

Mike Woods had a microdiscectomy in October 2021. According to the specialists at the USC Spine Center, “is a procedure for people who suffer from a painful herniated disc in their lower back.

What Happened To Mike Woods

What this surgery entails, specifically, is “the removal of a portion of the intervertebral disc, the herniated or protruding portion that is compressing the traversing spinal nerve root.”After his initial surgery, Mike posted frequently about his progress toward recovery and was able to return to work. However, he continued to experience back problems.

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Mike Woods announced on Good Day in the middle of February 2023 that he was going on medical leave to undergo back surgery again. His scoliosis, which had been present since childhood and was now pinching his sciatic nerve, had only become apparent recently. According to reports, he plans to take a two- to three-month break to rest and get better.

He boldly declared before his surgery that he will “be the Bionic Man” when the dust settled. In an Instagram live broadcast on February 22nd, 2023, he gave his fans an update on his condition. He had been home from the hospital for a week at that point, tending to his post-operative needs.

Is Ines Rosales Married To Mike Woods?

Since both Ines and Mike work at Fox 5, there is a better chance that they get along well. Their professional relationship remained strong, but outsiders mistook it for something more romantic.

Is Ines Rosales Married To Mike Woods

It’s been said that Mike and Ines got engaged, that they got married, and a whole lot more. However, they turned out to be nothing more than unsubstantiated speculation.

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However, there are reports that Mike Wood and Ines Rosales have been together for much longer, according to other online resources. Therefore, it’s possible that Ines is dating Mike Woods. Neither of them has tied the knot yet. And then there was the kiss cam problem that they ran into.

Mike Woods Has Stated That He Still Has Some Time To Go Before He Returns To Broadcasting

Mike has not yet fully recovered but is making progress. He even admitted that he might not be back for some time.

I’m going to be out of commission for a while, he explained. I could possibly return early, but the station really needs me to be at my strongest. He also noted the continued importance of being cautious with his physical actions.

Thankfully, Mike still keeps his Instagram updated on a regular basis, so his fans can see how he’s doing. His over 40,000 followers are thinking of him and wishing him well, so he does his best to keep them updated. We hope Mike has a speedy and full recovery, and we’ll all be watching when he returns to TV.


During the week, Mike Woods covers traffic and weather for “Good Day New York,” and on the weekends, he serves as the network’s weekend meteorologist. He started working as “Good Daymorning “‘s meteorologist in October 2003. Mike has covered a wide range of extreme weather in the tri-state area, from blizzards and Nor’easters to hurricanes and heat waves.

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