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Miley Cyrus Said She And Liam Hemsworth Split Up Because Of “Too Much Conflict”!

Since the release of “Flowers,” Miley Cyrus’s new track, fans have been discussing the singer’s previous marriage to actor Liam Hemsworth. The breakup song was released on January 13 and has apparently surpassed 100 million Spotify streams in the fastest time ever. Hemsworth’s 33rd birthday coincided with the release of “Flowers,” leading some to speculate that Cyrus is referring to her ex-husband in the song.

Cyrus and Hemsworth dated on and off for a few years before getting engaged in 2012. They first met in 2009 while filming the Nicholas Sparks adaption of The Last Song.

After breaking off their initial engagement in 2013, they got engaged again in 2018. They tied the knot on December 23, 2018, only days after their home was destroyed in a horrific fire.

Nine months later, in August 2019, the now-30-year-old Cyrus and the then-33-year-old Hemsworth announced their divorce. And the former Hannah Montana star spoke frankly about the split in multiple interviews the following year. Everything Cyrus has said about the split is in this week’s issue of Newsweek.

Statements Made By Miley Cyrus After Liam Hemsworth’s Split

Cyrus revealed she “just went through a very public divorce that f sucked” on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast in September 2020. Cyrus said to the now 55-year-old Rogan: “I and someone that I loved recognized that we don’t love one other the way that we used to anymore.”

Statements Made By Miley Cyrus After Liam Hemsworth's Split

She continued, “It’s really astounding to me that the public kind of feels that there’s no gap of time that they didn’t see that could potentially be what led to this,” referring to the criticism she received after the announcement of her breakup with Hemsworth.

Cyrus continued, referencing the photographs that surfaced shortly after the news of her divorce from The Hills star Brody Jenner’s ex-wife Kaitlynn Carter when the two were on vacation in Italy: “You didn’t go from smiling on the carpet to making out with your best friend in Italy overnight. Holy s***! There was a lot of downtime in there that you missed.”

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Later in her interview with Rogan. Cyrus talked on how much she relies on relationships and how addicting love is, likening it to cocaine. Cyrus, who is clean and sober, said. “You do feel like you’re high on drugs when you love someone the first couple of months.”

Liam And Miley Met As Teenagers

Many may know that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth met on the set of the 2009 film The Last Song. But they might not know that they had really met before, during Hemsworth’s audition for the film.

The singer told Ellen, “I met him and he opened the door for me and I was like. ‘I have been in Hollywood for three years and I don’t think any guy has ever opened the door for me.

Liam And Miley Met As Teenagers

In an interview with Parade in 2010, Cyrus said, “[Liam has] become my best friend in the whole wide universe.” “I’m madly in love with him. He appreciates me greatly for who I am.”

Despite her past relationships with Nick Jonas (whom she dissed during one of her recent concerts) and Justin Gaston, she stated that Liam was “her first serious boyfriend” in another interview with the same magazine.

Along with Miley’s brother Trace and mom Tish, the couple had taken a goofy Christmas photo that same year. Fans hoped the singer’s marriage would be the solution to her troubled relationship with her mother.

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They Tied The Knot After The Fire Destroyed Their Home

In the same interview, Miley said that if their house hadn’t burned down in November 2018, they might never have gotten married. The Woolsey Fire, a devastating wildfire that swept through Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, wiped out their home in Malibu.

It caused the evacuation of about 300,000 people and the destruction of nearly 97,000 acres of land. It claimed the lives of three persons.

They Tied The Knot After The Fire Destroyed Their Home

The fire destroyed our home. She told the host, “We had been engaged, but I don’t know whether we really ever thought we were going to get married.”

She claimed to have been in South Africa at the time of the fire and was unable to return home due to the anguish of having to leave her home. Everything I’d ever created, including all of the music I’d ever composed, was in that house, and now it’s gone. I lost all of my writings and the photos my parents had given me.

But instead of thinking, “Well, nature kind of did something I couldn’t do for myself; it forced me to let go,” the star went into the flames in an attempt to piece things back together. What remained of that house was me and him, so I clung to that.

To Conclude

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth used to be major celebrity couples. After eight months of marriage and a rocky on-again, off-again romance, the pair announced their split in January 2019. (and years after the meeting).

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