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Mistaken Identity May Have Led To The Kidnapping Of Four Americans In Mexico!

Two families from South Carolina have positively identified the four Americans who were attacked and kidnapped by gunmen in northeastern Mexico on Friday, CNN reports, citing a US official familiar with the investigation McGee’s mother and Brown’s sister.

have told CNN that Latavia “Tay” Washington McGee, along with Zindell Brown, Shaeed Woodard, and a man they only knew as Eric, traveled to Mexico for medical treatment.

According to the official, it appears the Americans were the unintended victims of the attack. According to the official, investigators have found no evidence of a troubling criminal history on the part of the Americans, and they believe a Mexican cartel likely mistook them for Haitian drug smugglers Using receipts discovered in the car, the official claimed the Americans had traveled to the Mexican city of Matamoros for medical procedures.

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US Ambassador To Mexico Ken Salazar Said An Innocent Mexican National Was Killed In The Confrontation

Security of the people is our top priority,” Salazar said. This is the primary responsibility of the United States government Multiple US law enforcement agencies are coordinating with their Mexican counterparts at all levels to ensure the safe return of our countrymen.

The FBI needs the public’s assistance in tracking them down and naming their perpetrators In order to encourage their safe return and the arrest of those responsible, the agency has offered a reward of $50,000. The FBI has stated that it is working with other federal partners and Mexican law enforcement agencies to investigate the kidnapping.

US Ambassador To Mexico Ken Salazar Said An Innocent Mexican National Was Killed In The Confrontation

According to Irving Barrios Mojica, the attorney general of Tamaulipas, “from the first moment, communication was established between state and federal authorities to address the criminal event,” in which two affected vehicles were located, one of which bore license plates from the US state of North Carolina.

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Authorities claimed that an investigation was already underway. Investigators are performing a variety of tasks, including processing vehicles, collecting ballistics and fingerprint data, collecting biological samples for genetic profiles, and collecting footage from surveillance cameras.

“We had a problem, despite the fact that the prosecutor’s office opened a file, which is that we have no report of the disappearance of these people, so there was speculation about where they came from,” said Sergio Chavez, the minister of public security in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas However, as of today, the prosecutor’s office is basing its search for the missing individuals on information discovered in the same van, including credentials and other documents.

Abductions Occurred After A Car Crash, As Evidenced By Photos

CNN has obtained photos purportedly showing the moment before the American citizens were abducted from the scene of a car crash in which they were involved.

Although the FBI refused to comment on the photos and video, CNN has confirmed their authenticity with a US official familiar with the investigation.

Three motionless figures are seen lying on the ground next to a white minivan as a woman looks on and then sits down next to them in the photographs. The entire van’s doors were wide open. It’s not certain that the four people pictured were actual US citizens.

Pictures show that the woman was then placed on the back of a white pickup truck. The photos show a number of motionless people lying on the street next to the pickup truck. Despite the presence of an ambulance in one image, it is not clear if anyone received medical attention.

Final Words

Latavia “Tay” McGee, Shaeed Woodard, Zindell Brown, and Eric James Williams are the four Americans who have been named Her mother says that McGee, her cousin Woodard, and their friends Brown and Williams were all killed in Matamoros.

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