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Morgan Wallen’s Ex Shares Her Empowering Perspective On Life And Love”

It is unclear when Wallen and Smith first became acquainted. Signs of their romance were first posted on social media in 2017, but according to the timeline Smith provided, their relationship likely began earlier in the year.

In December of 2021, Smith wrote on her blog Thot Thoughts about how she and Wallen had met on Snapchat. They started going out, and within a year they were engaged. The relationship, however, did not always run smoothly.

There was some tension in our third year of marriage after we had broken off our engagement and had been dating regularly for two years. That “toxic, trauma bond” you see all over Tik Tok, Smith wrote. In the third year of our relationship, we were “off and on,” as he puts it, “still talking 24/7 and seeing each other every time he was in town and I would still go on the road with him.”

In addition, she claimed Wallen was unfaithful to her throughout their relationship. According to Smith, “being thrust into the spotlight at such a young age is obviously going to come with some bad decisions. It’s safe to say he wasn’t the most reliable.

They officially ended things in 2019. Smith learned later that she was pregnant. A son, Indigo Wilder, was born to her in 2020. Wallen and Smith have been attempting to co-parent their child since then.

Who Is Katie Smith?

Both Morgan Wallen and his baby mama Katie Smith announced the birth of their son Indie Wilder Wallen on Instagram on July 10. Katie was born in Key West, Florida, but she and Morgan have recently relocated to Nashville,

where they plan to co-parent. Even though Morgan and Katie aren’t dating at the moment, they have a history of dating that dates back to 2017.

Who is Katie Smith

Katie’s professional life is unclear, but after sharing the news of her daughter Indie’s birth, she saw a threefold increase in her number of followers. This suggests that she might be interested in pursuing a career as an influencer.

She’s already comfortable writing about her personal life, her faith, her pregnancy, and the beauty products she loves on her blog, Thot Thoughts, so making the jump to social media should be a breeze.

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Co-Parenting Is Going Well, And Morgan Wallen Has “Got No Complaints”

In an interview with People published in 2021, Wallen discussed his concerns about being a single parent and a co-parent. “I always imagined myself starting a family just like my parents. They’ve been married for over fifty years and are still going strong.

Co-parenting is going well, and Morgan Wallen has got no complaints

They raised us (my sisters and me) as a unit. That’s how I pictured my future self’s existence. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the outcome. And when I first learned that, I had some trouble accepting it “The performer came clean. According to the legend, he and Smith broke up before Smith became pregnant with their son Indigo Wilder, but “obviously we still saw each other some.

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” He does say that there were “some difficulties” in the beginning, but that the two never lost sight of their ultimate goal of successfully co-parenting their children. “The fact that he is part of our lives at this time is crucial. He’s in a good mood. Aside from that, his health is fine.

Simply put, he’s amazing “The singer was all heart. Here we are in 2022, and Wallen is still playing the same tune. “I have no complaints,” he said to Entertainment Tonight at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards. I’m proud of myself and his mother for the way we deal with it, and I find it perfectly acceptable.

Katie And Morgan Have Been Together For A Few Years

Katie and Morgan appear to have begun dating in 2017, based on their social media activity. In the same year they got engaged, Morgan’s career took off, and they went to the CMT Awards.

However, Morgan’s rising career and constant touring appear to have been too much for the young couple, and they soon split up.

Katie And Morgan Have Been Together For A Few Years

Fans assumed that Morgan’s song “Chasing You” was written about Katie after they broke up, but he said the song was actually written in 2015 before he and Katie had even met.

Katie, on the other hand, wasn’t as secretive; she wrote about her relationship with an unnamed singer on her blog under the title “Never Have I —,” though she never mentioned Morgan by name.

Katie states for the record that she is not trying to smear anyone in the post, but then goes on to detail what appears to be an unsatisfying relationship she had with a musician. She says that at first, they were “head over heels in love — the kind that you see no flaws and you completely forget about thyself and turn yourself into what they want.”

It seemed that the couple couldn’t handle the stress of the musician’s sudden rise to fame and the constant touring lifestyle, and they broke up.

Katie offers some final words of wisdom to her readers: During your search, keep in mind the advice to find a godly man who “has prayed for someone like you and that continues to pray for you and you for him throughout the relationship.”

Final Words

After meeting and quickly becoming engaged to the controversial country music star Morgan Wallen in 2017, Smith and Wallen only dated sporadically until the birth of their son, Indigo Wilder, in 2020.

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